Sherisse Maternity & Question answered!

I just love maternity shoots! Almost as much as I love newborn shoots.LOL! This couple lives about 20 minutes outside the city beside a gorgeous lake, so when she wanted her photos done out at her place I jumped at the chance. This is her thrid child, and I can’t believe how great she looks! She had SO MANY fun ideas – it didn’t feel like work at all (don’t you just LOVE when that happens?) Now I just have to wait a couple of months for the day of her new arrival! I’ll post those pics then 🙂

Now, to answer a question I’ve received from one of my faithful readers (I just love saying that – LOL! Makes me feel oh, so important,tee hee hee).
1. What lens do you use for your portraits?
Well, instead of telling you a specific lens (which I will later on anyway) I’ll just give you some advice in general. Any lens that has a longer focal length (for example 50 mm and up) will give you a more flattering portrait. Why? Because the longer focal length does fun things like get rid of distortion, raise the cheekbones, and kind of push the nose back into the face a bit more (so it’s not so protruding). Why does it do that? Well, my photography professor told me the technical details, but I’ve since thrown those out of my brain (not enough room in there for that and my recipe for manicotti). I just know it works. I mean, it does the opposite that a wide angle – fish eye lens would do, which is distort your features, make your eyes bulge a bit – you know.
So, for the actual answer? I love to use my 85mm 1.8 lens for portraits the best, but you need a bit of space to use that lens. I recently bought a Tamron 28-75mm lens, which (when set at a focal length of 75mm) also gives you a gorgeous portrait. So there you have it.
If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer for you! Just email me 🙂

9 thoughts on “Sherisse Maternity & Question answered!

  1. Amazing shots Bobbi! You did such a beautiful job in capturing so much with those pictures. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! You did such a remarkable job, she must be thrilled! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful pictures!! You are very talented.


  2. BOBBI— (sigh) you really are such a great photographer. I wish I would have had you take my families pictures before you moved. If you ever come to Utah will you let us know so we can schedule for you to shoot us! 🙂 These really are so beautiful. I never wanted maternity shoots of myself, but looking at these sure makes me wish I had some. Very beautiful!


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