Watermelon Baby

My hubby’s boss had his first annual BBQ at his cabin on the lake yesterday. Oh my – it was so fun! The weather co-operated nicely, and I think I even worked on my tan a bit. It was a “bring the family” affair, which happens far too rarely in business functions these days, and our kids as well as our friends, the “H” family, were about the only families with little ones there. Hubby’s boss is so nice, and the cabin was gorgeous!! Everyone was so friendly and we really enjoyed ourselves. Hubby’s boss also had a motor boat, which he graciously spent most of the day in, driving everyone around the lake – including several trips with a boatfull of crazy, giggling kids. The kids also just enjoyed playing in the shallow water by the dock – pretending to be mermaids, finding shells, and watching the swallows fly into the nest they had built under the boat shelter. With all the slippery gooey looking green moss on the rocks, you wouldn’t have caught ME dead in that water. LOL! Oh, to be a kid again 🙂

We stayed for almost 7 hours! It didn’t seem like we were there that long… It was so fun seeing the kids just being themselves, and having the time of their lives.

One of our friends’ little girls “A” who is usually kind of aloof with me, decided to become my good buddy and let me take a few pics of her enjoying a piece of watermelon. She is such a doll – and I was quite enjoying myself as she followed me around, wanting to play ball, wanting to sit on my lap, going for walks. She made my day!

This photo, I couldn’t decide which way I liked it better, with the vintage look (above) or the sepia/black and white look (below). What do you think?

Mmmmm.. doesn’t that watermelon look delish??

7 thoughts on “Watermelon Baby

  1. I love the sepia one but that is always my preference. cute photos!! That boating trip LOOked really fun too. good luck with the bike riding tho-brayden was riding months ago and jus picked it up T on the other hand was too stubborn until it clicked now she won’t stop!


  2. I like both shots. And all the rest. So cute. That is very true about family gatherings for business companies are becoming a thing of the past. Dean’s company no longer have ANYTHING for family. They use to do the Stampede thing up at his work for families for years! Now they only accept adults. No kids. No spouses. Just co-workers. What’s up with that? So guess which employee no longer supports their parties. He likes to “hang” with us instead. : D Aren’t we lucky.


  3. Okay, I liked the vintage one, which is VERy uncharacteristic of me, since I normally pick sepia. But my FAVE pick of the bunch is the last one. How sweet.


  4. I love vintage. It’s a favorite. It’s nice that you had such a great time. Time always passes so quickly when we’re having fun. I hope your tan works out.Everyone looks nice in a tan…lol


  5. Gorgeous portraits!! If you don’t mind me asking, what type of lens do you use or would you recommend buying to take fabulous portraits?? i am looking to invest. I have the canon rebel xti camera. If you could send along your advice/words of wisdom that would be great!! Your photography is beautiful!


  6. My vote is for vintage.Love the one under those two where she has her lips puckered a little and her eyes looks huge. So cute.


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