Summer Revelations

I love summer – especially this summer. It has given me many revelations! I mean, I’ve finally caught on to a few things I hadn’t noticed before. I guess that happens when you spend about twice as much time together with your kids than you do during the school year.

One thing I’ve realized is how great my 6 yr old and nearly 4 year old play together. Those two have nearly 3 years between them, and B has always been two steps ahead of BB. I mean, she’ll be starting second grade in the fall, while BB will just be starting Joy School (an at home preschool program I teach my kids). Since summer has began, they have spent endless hours playing Barbies and My Little Ponies together, coming up with elaborate stories and magical worlds. I just love it! It brings me back to my days of playing with those same toys. I collected My Little Ponys actually so it’s even more fun watching my kids enjoying them. These two have so much in common – the main thing being their HUGE imaginations. B has always been creative – imagining worlds so intricate it’s hard to explain. And BB is just so happy go lucky, which is just the kind of personality that B needs to get along well 🙂

I’ve realized that my youngest, JJ, has got some serious attitude! She wants, more than anything, to keep up with her sisters. My older girls are actually very, very good about including the younger ones, but it doesn’t make any difference to JJ. You cross her, and WATCH OUT! Yes, my friends, she has entered the terrible twos… and about 2 months too early. I’ve been trying hard to work with her, teaching her manners, teaching her how to use a nice soft voice when she wants something (though I can understand her having to yell to be heard around here some days!LOL!). She’s also been kind of a cry baby lately, too. HEY! LIGHTBULB MOMENT! She is used to practically having me to herself most of the year, and now I’ve got all the kids demanding my attention. No wonder she’s a little put out about it! LOL! Okay, note to self: Include more one on one time with little JJ every day. Check!

I’ve realized that TJ is growing up. Way, way too fast. She’s been spending a LOT of time this summer reading novels, drawing, and just “hanging out” with me. Just being where I am, having conversations… very adult of her. I was weeding the garden, and she skips over, kneels down and gets to work with me. She’s always been very responsible, and I guess part of that comes along with being the eldest. When we go to the library, the kids play with the toys while she sits and reads for an hour. Lately she’s been into a “World Records” kick and has checked out a Guinness Book of World Records from the library. The last few days I’ve listened to one excited account after another. She also checked out a “how to do magic” book, and proceeded to put on her very first magic show for us! She did great! I have seen her maturing, and I know that the time in her life when friends become all important is just around the corner. I sure hope she continues to make the great kinds of friends she’s made in her life so far. I only want the best influences in her life (as far as I have any ability to control that). Yeah, I know… good luck!

TJ’s Magic Show! (one act of it, anyway)

I’m not sure I’ve realized much more about myself so far this summer – other than the fact that I CAN survive not having a perfectly clean house all the time. I know… it’s true. My house isn’t dust and dirt free at the moment – but you know what? I’m still here 🙂 I’ve been trying to spend a lot more time actually doing fun activities with the kiddos as often as I can. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m not uber organized, ’cause if I wasn’t, I would cease to be me! I have a calendar of activities planned for each day – in fact yesterday we made some egg carton caterpillars, and I’ve got some fabulous activities planned from this amazing blog “Let’s Explore” Hopefully you’ll have a minute to check it out! I found all sorts of fun and easy activities to do with the kids this summer. Yep – we may not be vacationing in Hawaii, but I’m diggin’ my lazy days of summer so far 🙂

3 thoughts on “Summer Revelations

  1. Cool Video Bobbi!Looks like you are having a great summer with the kids. They will cherish these memories forever. I remember those garden days with my mom and the trips to the local library. I can still smell the books.Love what you are doing with your daughters. You are a great mom.


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