Time Enough for this

This was an idea I found through Card Of The Week and I just HAD to try it. I had some CD cases just begging to be used, and though I had no idea what I would use this photo box for, I knew it would find a home. Turns out our table centerpiece fit perfectly inside it, so now it resides on our table. The girls love looking at themselves. LOL! You can find instructions HERE and really it took me about an hour to complete.
I’ve also been giddy working on the school kits for my two oldest kiddos and it’s been so much fun. I dug out the old boxes of their school stuff (my oldest is only in grade 2, but boy they sure accumulate a lot of stuff) and I sifted through it all to decide what I really think is meaningful to keep. I LOVE this kit and I wish I had bought 4 so I’d have one for each of my kiddos. I’m just going to duplicate the idea for the younger ones later. Anyway, I’m almost finished my 6 year old’s school book (from preschool to grade one) and now I’m starting on TJs. It will be so nice to have all of their school memories in ONE place.

Yes, I have a busy life – don’t we all? – but I always manage to fit in time to do what I love. Scrapbooking keeps me….me! Does that make sense?

On another note – my hubby snapped this shot of B in the bath (modestly composed of course) acting as Santa. She was saying Ho Ho Ho and I must admit, she made a good likeness 🙂 I had a newborn shoot on Friday, and it was a complete disaster. The little guy had an upset stomach and just wouldn’t calm down – crying, crying, crying. Poor thing, though I felt even worse for his parents 🙂 It is their first child, and I could tell they were a little frustrated. They kept their cool really well, and after an hour I suggested we re-schedule for today. That’s the nice thing about baby shoots – you CAN reschedule and be flexible. Not so with a wedding, which is why weddings stress me out!!! But I can’t wait to try to get more shots of this little guy. I did manage to get this shot (among a couple of others) which makes me giggle…
Busy day ahead.. I’m trying to work on a Tutorial Tuesday but I’m drawing a blank. I’ve had some great suggestions, however many of them I’ve already done a while back. I’ll try to come up with something.

I’ve also got to get some laundry done, help a sister with some welfare needs, plan Family Home Evening, make the snack, make a bunch of phone calls, and hopefully be a mom somewhere in there 🙂

I’m so excited, though, because my one SIL is having her baby today, and so is one of my friends “BB“. That news makes me so happy, but then my other SIL is having her neurology appointment today, which makes me very nervous for her. I’m praying they will discover the problem and that it won’t be serious. That’s the last thing she needs in her life. However, I do know the Lord is in charge – that’s something I can’t deny. My prayers are with her today.

How was your weekend???

9 thoughts on “Time Enough for this

  1. What a creative idea! I’m going to have to try that. And I absolutely looove the picture of that baby! And I can’t believe you have a desire to actually scrapbook or do crafty stuff with everything else that seems to be on your plate. I would just want to sit on the couch and stare at the wall!


  2. Alright, now I have something new on my to-do list when I come home from the hospital to keep me busy. Love the idea, thanks for sharing.


  3. Oh my! Go away for a week, and SO much happens! Keep us posted on the babies and doctor’s appointments. I will keep T in my prayers and I can’t wait to hear what J had!


  4. Very cute idea and I love how your centerpiece fit. Too neat!I would love to know how you balance a typical day with 4 little girls and find time to scrap? Not really a Photoshop tutorial but I would love to see how other moms balance their days. Thanks!


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