Guess what?!?!

Looky what we have…..

Yep – finally took the plunge and bought a new(er) van. We LOVE it!! It has all the bells and whistles, which made our trip to Calgary much more bearable 😉

Speaking of which…. I HAD THE BEST TIME! I’m still busy editing photos, starting laundry, and catching up with things I missed this Sunday (Relief Society President stuff) so there won’t be any Tutorial Tuesday this week. I’m so excited to share the fun!!

But, just to satisfy my MANY, MANY,MANY readers ( 😛 ) I’m sharing one of the yummy yummy recipes from our Enrichment meeting. Enjoy~!

Pineapple sausage and rice

10 oz. sausage(grayson works best)
1 lg onion,chopped
1 gr. pepper
1 cup celery,diced
1 cup beef froth
8 oz.pineapple(juice reserved)
1/4 tsp. garlic seasoning
1/4 tsp. blk.pepper
1 tbsp. br. sugar
2 tbsp. cornstarch

cook sausage ans cut into slices.combine sausage,onion,grn.pepper and celery in large skillet.cook until vegetables are tender crisp,add tomato,broth,pineapple and seasonings.cover and simmer for 10 min.blend cornstarch with pineapple juuice and pour into meat/veggie mixture.cook,stirring constantly until clear and thickened.serve over rice.

Stay tuned – SO much to tell you, and SO many photos to tell you with 😉 But just for a sampling….

7 thoughts on “Guess what?!?!

  1. Oh you tease! Just one photo? Just one recipe? You are killing me. : DP.S. LOVE the new van. How come Bishops don’t get new vehicles??? LOL!!!!!!!!! (Inside joke for the rest of you)IT was SO good to see you guys. Wish we could have talked with you more.


  2. Yes, how come the Bishop didn’t get a new van…I know that one. Congrats on the new van. It’s nice to have something more reliable.


  3. I dont’ know this inside joke– do share!? 😉I have that van– it’s awesome, no? Mine’s bell-and-whistle equiped too and I love it!!!!Love the recipe– dinner tomorrow is SET! mmmmAnd what a darling picture– can’t wait for more!


  4. Congratulations on the new van. We bought one a year ago yesterday. I know that because the dealer caused yesterday to thank us. Ha!!I resisted a mini van for so long but now I would never go back. Love it!! Wish I had one way back in high school and college. 🙂Enjoy your new ride!


  5. Hey, the recipe sounds great, but you mentioned tomatoe in the directions, but nothing in the ingredients? I want to try it when you get a minute to fill me in.


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