Winner!! Happy Day!

Thanks to the Integer Generator at, we have a winner of my blogaversary giveaway. The lucky winner is……………………………………………………………………………………………

JESSICA!! who said:

“hello! the first time I came on your blog, you had posted pics from your house and I loved your decorating style and clean-ness! I also really like your tutorials!”

Congrats, Jessica! I know you’re going to love your gift… soon as I think of what it is!!
It was a happy, happy mail week these past couple of days – just happiness all around 🙂 On Wednesday I opened a package that held my BLURB photo book! I had ordered soft bound books from them in the past, but they had an awesome discount so I ordered a hard bound book showcasing my photography (that I can show to prospective clients). I showed samples of photos from Engagement, Weddings, Maternity, Newborn, to Families. I LOVE it!

Yesterday I received my Pay-It-Forward gift in the mail from Jenn, and it’s so awesome!! She made a candle with a photo of my hubby and I on it! Oh, I love, love, love it, Jenn! Thanks so much. It looks awesome on my shelf in my dining room. Happy, Happy joy!

I’ve been bitten by that old scrapbooking bug as well, getting 3 more pages done. I’m relieved that I’ve been able to squeeze in some scrapbooking time so that I can stay caught up. I’ve got a few more pics to scrapbook from this last month, but I still consider myself caught up 🙂

This week has really been one where I’ve been thrust right into my calling. I’ve filled 2 food orders in 3 days, and out here we have no Bishop’s storehouse, we just do the shopping and deliver the food ourselves. For any of you who may be wondering, in our church when there is a member who is going through a rough time financially, the bishop determines the needs of the person and the Relief Society President will go to their home and fill out a food order, (which is almost like writing a grocery list). We then buy them enough food for usually 2 weeks at a time. I had never done this before, so twice in a couple of days was an eye opener! I grabbed the kiddos and went off grocery shopping! I was almost floating on air just knowing that I was helping some wonderful people who really needed this food. It was wonderful!

I’ve also been busy organizing some meals to be brought to a young woman who just had some brain surgery to remove a tumor. She had been feeling just fine (young mother of 3) then one day, out of the blue, had a seizure and collapsed. After being rushed to the hospital, she was diagnosed with having a brain tumor! A week later, she had it removed. Can you believe how quickly circumstances can change on you? She had NO IDEA she had a brain tumor, and within a week, it’s diagnosed and removed. Wow. I admire her so, so much for her faith and her bravery. She is an outstanding gal. The ladies in our Church here wanted to help, so we organized meals to be brought over each night for 2 weeks, plus some freezer meals for whenever she needs them. Just out of the kindness of their hearts, these sisters volunteered their own time and resources to provide these meals that will take a lot off of her young family’s minds. I’m so thankful to be associated with these fine women. Usually one woman is given the responsibility of organizing all of the compassionate service that is needed in the ward, but she is currently out of town for a couple of weeks, so I took it on myself this time. Luckily the sisters stepped up so eagerly to help, that is wasn’t any trouble at all.

So, add to that our first presidency meeting AND stake training meeting, and it’s been a busy week. I think being busy keeps me from being idle and it seems I still manage to get other things done. I’m excited to see what this next week brings! Phew!

For any of my friends who aren’t familiar with our Church, we do not have paid clergy. All of the programs, classes, everything are done by volunteers, who fulfill their responsibilities (or “callings”) while still raising families or having full-time jobs. Everyone consecrates their time and talents to help build up the kingdom, so to speak. We also believe that the Lord has a hand in what calling you are given at any particular time. Different presonalities, abilities, and talents are needed at different times, and before a calling or assignment is given, much prayer and thought is put into it. It is a beautiful system, and I feel that y serving those around me, of my own will and choice, makes me happier than I ever could receiving a pay cheque for it. And it’s wonderful to feel the blessings that come into your life through the faithful service of others. It’s amazing the wealth of knowledge and experience you come ito just by serving in various different areas in the Church as well. It’s wonderfuL!

Oh, yeah – I also got my hair cut. Same as before, only shorter 😉

10 thoughts on “Winner!! Happy Day!

  1. I am so happy you got your candle! Wooo- who!That is so crazy about that woman with the tumor. That is exactly what happened to me with all the headaches and they thought I had a tumor from all the excessive fluid on my spine. It is one of the scariest things in the world! I am happy she has such a great RS Pres. taking care of her! ♥ You really are right for this calling! And I love LOVE those blurb books. I did my first one ever a few weeks back and I am addicted! I totally can’t wait to do another!


  2. I had to stop by and say thank you! Because of your tutorials, I was able to “fix” some pictures from ordinary to extraordinary! 🙂For your comment about the young lady with cancer, I can releate as my oldest daughter was dx with cancer, three days later she was in surgery for port placement and her first chemo! It moved so fast I’m surprised it’s not all a blur!Thanks for your tutorials and AMAZING photographs!


  3. Okay Bobbi Jo,You are amazing. I have just got to say that. You are SO right for the RS President calling. You are talented and creative, and organized and smart and knowledgeable and everything else. I love your photography book. Like I said , I would love for you to take a family picture of us but my daughter isn’t anywhere around! Maybe some day you will be in Lethbridge and we could do it. Now, just to get my oldest son to move there!


  4. LOL! Oh Bobbi. Love the face. You are always so fun. Love the haircut again. It is SO you and fun. The photo books are something that we love to do too. I recognize Cassie’s wedding photos immediately. I am still SO glad that you were here and able to do that for us. We got a book done of all their photos for them for a house warming gift for their coffee table. Something they can show their friends when they come and visit. I think I will have to do more photo books of my family.Love the Candle that Jenn sent you too.P.S. You are doing an amazing job as an RS pres. already. I still remember that conversation I had with you at your house over a year ago, when we were talking about some of the visits I made to some members as a RS pres. and you said to me “I don’t know if I could have the courage and strength to do that.”. Now look at you……The Lord truly knows us and knows what we can handle and do with HIS help, eh?? : D


  5. Love the book you got put together, what a great way to show off your work to potential clients! The candle you got is adorable too. What a great idea!Your “Me, Myself & I” layout is great, the pictures you chose of yourself are totally hot.I love seeing how women can pull together and help out another gal who is in obvious need of love and compassion. Your new calling is going to be a great way to see and watch women do such amazing things! I still think you’re going to do an amazing job with this calling, obviously you already are!


  6. It sounds like you have had a busy week. Certainly, the Lord has guided you and helped you to get to where you are today. It sounds like you are doing a great job. This will be a great time for reflection for you in even 6 months to look back on and see how far you have come. The journey starts now and I hope it’s a good one. Great picture album. that’s a great idea.


  7. That book of your photography looks absolutely beautiful! What a good idea. It’d be neat to do something like this as a gift for grandparents…only my pictures wouldn’t be amazing as yours. hehe!


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