Hug ’em tighter

I had one of those moments that has me running down to my children’s rooms in the night, wanting to hug them close, and never let go.

I was browsing through some of m favorite blogs, and I decided to check out Heather Bauers because I hadn’t visited there in a while and after scrolling down a bit I came across a post about Steven Curtis Chapman. I do not know him, never heard of him before reading her post, but her plea for prayers on his behalf had be curious. I googled his name and came across his official website. He is a singer who had been honored on Nashville’s walk of fame, and he and his family have just suffered an unimaginable loss. Their daughter, Maria, was struck and killed in their own driveway, just one week after her 5th birthday.

I was feeling very sympathetic for the family, what a tragedy! But then, when I came across the website, I clicked on the music video “Cinderella”.

Watching it made it hard for me to breathe, tears welled in my eyes and I wanted to rush down to my girl’s rooms and hug them, hold them close to me. It was a moment when I was grateful to have my perspective adjusted to where it should be. I feel for the loss of this sweet spirit, and for the family that grieves for her. But I was impressed when reading through their website dedicated to Maria on how great their faith is, and their trust in the Lord, Jesus Christ, to reunite them again someday. I rely on that faith everyday, and it make me smile to know that in this circumstance in their lives, that faith is sustaining them. It was a moment I’m grateful to have experienced.

Hug them a little tighter, hold them a little longer.. because we never know when the clock will strike twelve and they’ll be gone.

6 thoughts on “Hug ’em tighter

  1. She seems like such a sweet girl in the video! How adorable can a girl get?You are so right but I wish people didn’t have to know how it feels to lose a child. I love it when people can share these moments in their life openly since few of us ever know what it is really like. BUT, if someone else’s loss makes people love and appreciate their kids more their experience accomplished much.


  2. Actually I have heard thatsong before and loved it… Iheard on the news when the tragedy happened… but you put your thought beautifully on here..


  3. Loosing a child is my greatest fear. I think it is for most moms- I sure cried listening to that song. Thank you for linking it!


  4. What a terrible thing to have happen to a family. So sad. What a great post/tribute you wrote. I listened to Cinderella. Love it.I sure love the way you speak. You have a way of saying everything just right and clear. Each time you make a comment in class at church it is always perfect. Wish I had that gift.


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