Sensory Overload!

Okay – the past couple of days have been a serious sensory overload for me! It all started Thursday night when hubby was out of town on business. What else to do when the house is clean, the kiddos are in bed, and I’ve done all my work? Um…watch “So You Think You Can Dance?” of course! Hello! Did you SEE this guy? WHAT?!?!?!?!

It was unreal! HOW can he move like that?? Besides that judges laughing (which is the only downside about this show for me) it was an awesome episode!

I have to confess – I NEVER watch this next show. In fact, I think I’ve seen maybe 1/2 of an episode once a couple of years ago. It was okay. But when I saw the preview for this episode – the kid encased in cement – I just had to watch! Okay, okay, I know – too much TV, but I gave myself the night off. Just one night 🙂 It was a neat show – a lot in it that I missed because I’m not a follower of the show, but still – kinda cool.

I decided to spend Friday just keeping things calm around here. My husband and I were planning a temple session that night when he got back into town (thanks to our new good friends in the ward, who offered their teenage daughter to babysit) so I kept the house quiet (all except for an hour and a half when the “H” kids came over for a playdate). I kept the TV off and just kept things generally quiet. I was beginning to recover from sensory overload. We went to the temple, had a wonderful experience, then hubby surprises me that we (and our new good friends the “D” family) would be heading off to see this:

“Daah da da daaaaaah, daah da daaaaaaaah,daah da da daaaaaah, daah, da, da, da ,da!” Sweeeeeeet! So much fun. Shia Leboef was fantastic! Kate Blanchett was neat, Harrison was amazing – especially considering his age, and it was full of fun little quips and a LOT of action – yes, more sensory overload. But WORTH IT!

3 thoughts on “Sensory Overload!

  1. I want to see Indiana Jones so bad! I love Shia Leboef! He is awesome. Do youremember watching him on that Disney TV show- I can’t rememebr the name, but I liked it— what a dork I am! And I missed So you think you can dance, but I secretly love it too. I started watching it when I was on bed rest last year adn I feel inlove with it. Also— stupid note to add, You know the hair do you did on TJ when she was babtised? I got the idea for that from one of the dancers last year! Duh– I know I am a dork!


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