April Showers

Yes, I jumped back on the digi bandwagon – for this layout at least. I haven’t done many digital layouts since moving here (I can’t find anywhere to print 12X12). But, I was bored so I popped out digital template #16 from Crystal’s Digital Template Shoppe as well as her Rainbow Sherbet kit (paper and elements) and had this cute layout done in about 20 minutes. I’d forgotten just how easy using digital templates makes my scrapbooking! Have you tried it yet???I need to do more of it.

I recolored the bracket paper to a cooler blue using hue/saturation, and did my title by using one of her patterned papers and a clipping mask – then I ran an Atomic Cupcake action on it to make it look kind of like a stamp. Cool! Now, where oh where to get it printed…

4 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. Here’s a thought. Just keep making them. Put them on file and then when you come back visiting this way again….go get them printed! You know…with your scrapbooking budget that you save up for it. It will work, right? It’s a good excuse to come back for a visit, eh? : D


  2. I heard all the excitement about Grey’s about 1 1/2 years ago, so I started watching the first 2 years on DVD while working out & I was HOOKED, so now I watch every episode. Oh my gosh this show ROCKS & if you watched it from the beginning you were waiting all season for Meredith & McDreamy to get back together & what Meredith did so rocked with the candles.


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