Using smaller/custom sized prints

Remember yesterday for Tutorial Tuesday I PROMISED I would post a layout using the technique I showed you? I’m delivering! I often take photos of events (which means a LOT of photos) and since my goal this year was to get caught up and STAY caught up, I made myself a promise to (as often as possible) keep the “events” to one 2-page spread. This meant I would have to get creative, be pickier about what photos I included, NOT worry about including EVERY photo, and find ways to hide more photos/journaling. I’ve been very much into the flaps lately – a great way to hide more photos, or your journaling. This two page spread was for my daughter’s baptism. The first page, I did a single photo layout. I love these, but it’s hard to justify using the product etc. for just ONE photo. I did make up for it, though, on the second page of this two page spread.
Okay, the spaces on either side of the journaling block are 4″ by 6″. I couldn’t justify just putting 2 photos on here, so I did my little trick from tutorial tuesday, putting 2- 2X3 photos and one 3X4 inch photo along the bottom of a 4X6 canvas (instead of a 12X12). I did the opposite on the second 4X6 canvas. As you can see, I was able to fit 6 photos in the space I normally could have only fit 2 4X6 photos. Nice. But I didn’t quite stop there 🙂 Lift the journaling flap…

And you have one of my favorite 4X6 photos. Voila! 7 photos in the space designed for 3. I could have done a collage in the last space, too, but I wanted to showcase that photo by making it larger. So, I hope you try the technique soon, and make even MORE of your layouts!

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