Baptism, Friends, Family, and Photos!

Happy belated mother’s day to all you women out there! I hope you all were spoiled silly, and felt much love and relaxation this weekend. I know I sure did! I spent the weekend visiting family and friends in my hometown, and it was just as wonderful as I expected. The trip Thursday was surprisingly uneventful – considering the 7 1/2 hour drive with four little ones. I LOVE the fact that my youngest is now old enough to appreciate the invention of portable DVD players πŸ™‚ It rained most of the way, but I was too busy reading “Twilight” to notice. My hubby bought me the first Stephanie Meyer book for mother’s day, and I had it read about 2/3 of the way there. Yes, I’ve read them all before, but I haven’t OWNED them. I had to go out on Friday and buy the other 2 for my trip back πŸ™‚ Oh, and can I direct you to a site I’ve loving right now? Check out the Twilight Movie site HERE. At first I didn’t think I could possibly enjoy a movie with the lead actor not being as beautiful as I’d imagined, but this trailer has gotten me excited πŸ™‚

Okay, on with the weekend. Thursday I mostly traveled, though we had a great visit Thursday evening with Jules and her family, as well as Devon – my newly engaged brother in law. Jules is expecting in a few weeks, and I was happy to snap some preggo shots of her while we were visiting this weekend. I wish I looked so cute when I was pregnant.

And I tried to get some shots of Devon and his adorable fiance, Erin, but he wasn’t much in the mood to pose for “nice” photos, and since it was almost 9pm, the light wasn’t quite there. This was the best we got πŸ™‚ But seriously, how cute are they?
They’ll be getting married the SAME DAY as my niece – and I’ll be photographing both weddings. Crazay fun!

Friday I spent the morning visiting with my sister while my hubby did some work (have to still earn some dough while vacationing. LOL!). We had the entire family on my hubby’s side over to the in laws for dinner and more visiting. Erin was brave enough to venture over without Devon. She even survived quite well. I think she’ll fit right in πŸ™‚

Saturday was the busy day. I started out first thing with a fun photo shoot with Michelle and her family. I love this family! They are so close and so much fun. I completely miss them, and the time just seemed too short. I hope they love the photos we got – I think they capture them nicely πŸ™‚

I spent a lot of the morning and afternoon getting myself and the girls ready for S’s baptism. She is TJ’s cousin – 2 weeks apart. They made the long trip out here for TJ’s baptism, and we were more than happy to do the same to support S as she took this great step in her life. She was gorgeous, and more than ready for this day πŸ™‚

I had to snap a couple of shots of TJ and S together. There aren’t many reasons I’m sad we moved, but moving our kids away from their cousins is one of them.

This is Mr. O – and can you say “Model in the making”? You would think I put him in this position, but no. Clearly he was either bored out of his mind, or simply trying to make the cutest photo ever.
Same with T. He is like a little GQ model in the making here. Such a little hottie.
J was a little tougher – a lot of strange people at his house this weekend, and he wasn’t in the socializing mood. But I’m so glad we were able to get a couple cute shots of him in the end.
And yes, my incredibly gorgeous SIL. You can see where the kids get their cuteness from. You’d never guess she had a terrible migraine right at this moment πŸ™‚

Saturday evening after the baptism we visited with family on my SIL’s side, which was wonderful – though I missed seeing BB, which I was looking forward to. (Trust me, B, I completely understand why you couldn’t make it). I even got to see Joanne! YAY! Wish I could have visited longer with her, too 😦

Crazy and wonderful day.

We were able to make it for Sacrament meeting Sunday morning, where we were happy to see many of our old friends. It was a wonderful Sacrament meeting program – of course, the topic being mothers πŸ™‚ And another uneventful ride home, with me reading through “New Moon” and starting on “Eclipse”. I’m tellin‘ ya – these are awesome books! Well, not a lot more to say. I’m not very good at giving in depth details about my life so much. Wish I could be more interesting πŸ™‚ Actually, I’m in a bit of a bloggin rut right now. Need some serious inspiration. I guess I’ll have to clean my house and see if anything strikes me πŸ™‚ Ciao for now!

9 thoughts on “Baptism, Friends, Family, and Photos!

  1. Squealing right now, these are awesome Bobbi! I just love the one of Taylor – it worked so well on the log – she looks stunning & the one of my & Taylor…I love it too, except now I have just really confirmed my thoughts…that I really do need that eye brow lift!!! Billy says he looks angry!!! Oh I love them all, can’t wait to start printing them, etc! Thanks so much again for taking time out of your busy weekend to photograph us & I’m glad that you had a good, busy weekend visiting!


  2. BUSY— but worth it! Great pictures! I’ve heard great things about Twilight– is it really THAT good? Maybe I should pick me up a copy!


  3. and… I just read Michelle’s comment and had to go look for myself. I think you are very beautiful and I don’t think you look mad. Maybe its just me, but I thought you should know that I think you are beautiful.


  4. Oh girl! ALL those pictures are great. I can’t believe you got so much in on one little weekend. You’ll have to make those working weekend trips a little more frequently. Next time I’ll make it out to see you, and if the miniature is sleeping the darling man can stay home with her…but I thought it important he be there to support his brother.AND, I have to say that as much as I didn’t love Meyer’s series as much as you obviously do I was disappointed that the main was a little on the dull looking side too. I’m with you thinking he should be more beautiful to be in that roll, but what power do we really have over details such as that? πŸ™‚Look at me blab on! Glad you’re weekend was a hit though, and that you were spoiled. You certainly deserve it!


  5. Okay…Since it WAS Mother’s Day weekend and you DID have a lot of family to visit….we’ll just let it go that you didn’t even CALL us to say you were in town. LOL!Looks like an awesome weekend. Great pics!Congrats to Devon on his engagement!


  6. Those are beautiful pics and I wish we could have had a day just to ourselves to catch up. I can’t believe how big your girls have gotten. it was great to see you tho. love the one of o and devon and erin. hee hee what a guy!


  7. Beautiful photos! I keep hearing about all these *twilight books! What are they about? They sound like they’re good if they keep getting all this hype πŸ™‚ Better than *Harry Potter? LOL. *I haven’t read either book on any of those series…


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