Cute Couple and an amazing evening

Another crazy wonderful weekend for me. Who am I kidding? They are ALL crazy and wonderful 🙂 I was SO excited to get my first clients from ad ad I placed on a local website. I’ve been booking steady since I’ve placed the ad, and this sweet couple were the first! They have been married for almost 5 years and are expecting their first baby. They were so fun and natural in front of the camera – at least I think so 🙂

On Saturday evening we had our Stake Relief Society meeting, which started at 5pm – and I was pleasantly surprised to see how many sisters had arrived early. Why was I happy about that? Because then the sisters could take time to enjoy the beautiful art display. The theme of the evening was “Where Can I Turn For Peace” so I thought that a display of artwork depicting the Savior would be a nice focal point for the gymnasium. But before seeing the wonderful display in the gymnasium, we were welcomed with a nice display in the foyer where we picked up the programs for the evening. We “borrowed” a portrait from the hallway wall to place on the easel and some sisters literally threw together the floral arrangement. Mad talent ladies!Thankfully there were two ladies in the ward who happily took on the challenge to create the display, and it turned out just beautifully. I could never have done it justice like they did. What nice work ladies! I was getting a little concerned Friday night when only 5 of us (including my husband and I) showed up to decorate, but things came together nicely. I chose the colors of white, pink, and peach because they were calming colors and I think they represented peace (and Spring) quite well. We made large and small pom poms for hanging, for napkin rings, and for the centerpieces. Thanks for the idea, Talia! It was a big hit.

Dinner was roast beef etc. served by some men from the ward – who also promptly cleaned up and took down most of the decorations afterwards (which was nice because by the end of the night I had a terrible migraine). After dinner we went to one of three workshops for an hour, during which we were each given a rose (awwwww), then had the privilege of hearing from Elder Terrance C. Smith of the Seventy. I accompanied three talented ladies while they sang “You’re Not Alone”, which I thought was very, very beautiful and appropriate for the topic. All in all it was wonderful. I had the chance to visit with some women I don’t usually get to socialize with much (you know how crazy Sundays can be) and I strengthened some friendships at the same time.

My husband is currently at a special fireside Elder Smith is putting on, and I’m so glad my husband gets to hear him speak as well. He worked tirelessly, helping me fold and fluff pompoms, spending a couple of hours decorating, then babysitting a little guy for a friend so she could attend the evening. He is truly heaven sent, and I love him so, so much.

What did I take away from the evening? I guess for me, it was letting go of the guilt that I inflict upon myself – for my weaknesses, for my dumb mistakes, for the millions of things I feel like I need to improve upon. I was reminded how far reaching the atonement of Jesus Christ is. I was reminded that if I put my trust in Him, and lay my troubles at His feet, He will carry the load with me. He will not necessarily take my adversity away, but He will make the load lighter. I learned I need to use wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to make choices about how I will spend my time. I can’t do it all (I know, big revelation) and I need to be wise as to where I spend my energy. Oh, I learned a lot and came away feeling very, very uplifted. I’m so glad I stuck it out through the headache and lasted to hear Elder Smith speak. It was wonderful.

So, seeing as I’ve got to be wise in how I spend my time, I’m going to go and take a long, hot bath 🙂 Thanks for everyone who actually reads this thing. It’s so nice to have a platform where I can be me,and even get responses to questions/thoughts I’ve had. It’s wonderful! Thanks again!

8 thoughts on “Cute Couple and an amazing evening

  1. totally cute couple.But i love those pom poms. I’m so simply impressed, but they’re awesome. I’m sure the night went amazingly!


  2. Love the decorations. What a great idea to have pictures of the Savior. So glad it all worked out.And great photos of the couple. You sure are talented! In a lot of ways.


  3. Oh your night turned out SO awesome. I am betting that you are So relaxed now and are glad that the evening all came together so well, too. Sure wish I was there to hear the talks. Sound great!


  4. I began reading your blog for photoshop tips etc… I am so impressed by your talent. Thanks for sharing about your evening. I think I needed that reminder tonight that I am not alone either. My challenges seem so overwhelming at times and its comforting to be reminded I do not have to do it alone.Thank you!


  5. ♡ Everything looks wonderful! Who would have thought that you could make a gym look so beautiful! Great photo shoot too! The blue shirt makes her eye’s pop! I love the picture of his looking at her belly! So sweet!


  6. So beautiful!!! You did a great job. I always get big bad migrains after a day liek that too! But you did great. And the couple you photographed sure is cute!


  7. Oh, it looked amazing, Bobbi! You must be so relieved that it’s over, hey? (heehee)The pompoms looked awesome, I can’t wait to use those for something else!


  8. Great job on the photo shoot and the RS night. All your hard work paid off, and it sounds like both will have lasting memories for those involved.Hope you can take some down time and be good to yourself now!


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