What a Party!

Here’s a run down of what we did for TJ’s birthday party on Saturday! The first photo is actually the LAST one we took, but it was such a fin photo – all the kids that came to her party out in our backyard on the big wagon wheels the last owners left here. I can’t decide if I like the color version or the black & white better. I took this to make thank-you cards for each of the kids (which I better get cracking on!) They were all kids from Church except for the cute guy next to TJ on the back row. Such a nice kid, and handsome too! LOL!

Before the party started, TJ was asking me every 15 minutes if it was time yet. *sigh* This went on for about 4 hours before they came! She insisted on waiting in the livingroom for them to start arriving 🙂
I decorated simply – mostly because the bulk of the party would be downstairs watching a movie. TJ wanted a “movie theatre” birthday at home – which we were happy to do.
We set up a concession stand with chips, pop, candy, and pizza. When the kids arrived, I gave them each a cute wallet with several tickets inside – the tickets were custom made to have TJ’s birthday numbers along the sides, and what the ticket was for in the middle (eg. One Soda, One Bag of Chips, etc.) with of course an “Admit One” ticket in there. They lined up, just like at the movies and ordered what they wanted for snacks. Then they took them downstairs for the movie. They got to keep the wallet as their “treat” as well as whatever candy they had left after the movie.

After the movie we opened presents, and I took a photo of TJ with each of her party guests, as well as a photo of her with each gift. I might incporporate these into the thank-you cards. I only included one example of the “friend” photos (otherwise you’d be here all day!).

We always play “spin the bottle” to open gifts. The kids all sit in a circle, holding their gifts. The birthday child spins a bottle, and whomever it points to, that’s whose gift she opens. It keeps things less hectic, and gives everyone a chance to see each gift before she tears into the next one (also giving me an opportunity to take better photos).
TJ loved the boots we gave her – she even wore them to school in +30 degree weather with her shorts and Tee. What a nut!

Oh, and she got a webkin from Matthew – apparently these are SUPER AWESOME and all the rage. I had never heard of them before. LOL! Oh, and notice the hair-do, Jenn? TJ requested it special. She also wanted a flower in her hair from checking out your blog. LOL!
Mmmmmm… a DQ ice cream cake. We bought an ice cream cake because one of the kids had an egg allergy. He didn’t end up wanting any cake at all! LOL! Oh well, I enjoyed it… a LOT! Yep, that was our fun party day. She was so excited for this day, but for me – the even more special day is quickly approaching…. BAPTISM DAY!

10 thoughts on “What a Party!

  1. OY!!! Another idea I am stealing from you. D’s party is this weekend and I am totally doing the spin the bottle idea. That is great. Her hair is cute! She’s a doll! I’m so glad her party went over so well and that it finally came. She looks to cute looking out the window in antisipation!


  2. Tanner has a Webkinz and loves it. He got it from a nurse in the hospital the last surgery he had. I love the movie theme. It looks so fun. What movie did the kids watch? You always have really good ideas…taking a picture of each guest and such. You’re such a good Mom.


  3. Looks like it was a total hit from start to finish! YAY!HAppy bIrTHday Tj!!!! What a beautiful young lady you are….watch out mom and dad! : D


  4. What an adorable little sweetheart! What a great birthday party idea too! I love her hair.She will love Webkinz. They are all the rage at my house. They love having more and more and more to live together and play. Smart marketing I tell you!Happy Birthday Tj!


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