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Yeah, I’ ve got a blog crush – okay a couple of them! LOL! It’s not what you think… it’s when you can’t WAIT to see what they post next, it’s when you almost laugh with excitement when you see a new idea you knew you’d LOVE, it’s when you know you’ll get a good pick me up from reading them. Do you have one (or a few) of those? I’ve had a few lately, and they change every now and then, but I have to share my latest…

I’ve been glued to Amy W.‘s blog lately – it’s overflowing with fabulous (and simple) ideas! Not to mention her quick wit. Makes reading so much fun. The latest and greatest ideas that I’ve unabashedly cased were THESE token jars, which I recently implemented in our house and BOY has it worked so far! I won’t get into the details of how the program works because I want you to check out Amy’s version where she explains it perfectly. It’s basically a reward-type program. I found the infamous magnetic jars at Wal-mart (in the kitchen wares section by the spice racks) for just over a $1a peice, measured the top and cut out photos of my girls to the right size (using my fiskars circle cutter).

I went through my button stash and threw all the buttons that would fit through the handy little slot at the top and put them in a larger version of the same magnetic jars. Actually, I gave the girls a “token” for going through my buttons and separating them into the right size for me. LOL!
It’s only been about 24 hours of this system, and it’s worked beautifully. Somethings my kids can earn tokens for are getting dressed before breakfast time, making their beds, playing quietly etc. This morning I went downstairs (where the girls’ rooms are) and I opened my youngests’ bedroom door and I saw T sitting with her arms around our 18 month old (JJ) reading her a story. JJ was dressed and her bed was made (with the help of her big sisters). The middle two, B and Bayboo were up on the bunk bed (all dressed) and playing quietly. WHA?!?!?! Are these MY children? It was wonderful to see. SO what if they were doing it for tokens? What amazed me was when my 7 year old said to me “I helped JJ get dressed and make her bed so SHE could get tokens, too!” It made me so happy to see that not only were my kids wanting to earn tokens for themselves, but they were anxious to help eachother earn them as well. Makes a heart glad!

Yesterday I promised to take my kids to the park because the weather was supposed to be nice. Well, the forecaster failed to mention the 100 mile and hour winds that nearly blew my face off! I knew my kids would be disappointed, so I bought the ingredients to make these delicious cake balls that I saw (you guessed it) on Amy’s blog. You can check our her unique use for them HERE.

The kids LOVED them (okay, me and hubby loved them too) and it definitely took their minds off of the park disappointment. I’m going to try extra hard to pray for good weather today so I can take them to the park today. I have my fingers crossed.

All in all it’s been a positive day for everyone (okay, it’s only 9 in the morning.. but still). Even my 3 year old skipped in the room (lately she skips EVERYWHERE) and says “Mommy, I LOVE you!” I smiled and said, “Oh, I LOVE you too!” She said “I LOVE so many things… I Love Jesus, and BOYS!” Um….. good? Not sure what to say to that. LOL! I guess growing up with only sisters makes liking boys an extra special thing. Ha ha ha!

My other blog crush right now is “Heather D. White”. Have you been following her entries about her trip to Europe? Oh, I can tell you I am living vicariously through her. Her photos are stunning, and her journaling is so smart, heartfelt, and funny. Love reading it. SHe’s still having her “Get to know you card” idea and I really want her to meet her goals before her birthday. It doesn’t take much effort to scribble out a card and pop it in the mail. PLEASE make one and send it if you haven’t already. She does so much for others, and never expects anything in return, so it would be so nice for her to receive lots of cards from us in blogger land. I hope you’ll do it – and just think, she’ll be using the cards she receives to draw for prizes, and her prizes are AWESOME!!!!!!! SO, do it for her AND for you! It’s okay to be a little selfish here. LOL!

So, here’s my question: WHO IS YOUR BLOG CRUSH?!?!? Share the blog wesite, ’cause I’d love to check them out! Thanks everyone!

12 thoughts on “Blog Crush

  1. Oh my goodness. I am SOOO blushing over here. It really makes me LOL because I feel like I blog crush YOU! 😀 Thanks for the nice complements, I really needed that today. 😀


  2. What’s funny to me is that YOU, Amy and Heather are all my blog crushes! I feel like a weirdo but all three of you have the best ideas and I love each of your posts! So thanks!In fact, I’ve been wondering if you ever feel weird by having your blog so public and viewed by so many people. I set ours to private and I don’t have NEARLY the viewers or interest in my little old blog…Maybe I just worry too much about all the creepy people in the world!?!


  3. Chante, I completely understand where you are coming from. I worry sometimes about those creeps, because they are out there. I try to keep personal info out as much as possible – like full names, adresses, even the city where I live – but in the end, if creeps want to find you, they will. I just try not to make it easy for them 🙂


  4. Easily You are one of my all time fav’s you always have been since I found you… From…. I don’t remember now. I am just glad I did. I love Heathers and I live through her too. She is amazing! And one of my new fav’s that I have just spent hours exploring is: Lavender Pear cupcakes— hello can we say yummy? I’ve pulled up Amy’s and I can’t wait to explore her page too.


  5. You’re mine! I don’t follow many (hard when you’re at work all the time) but I love reading yours. I wish you hadn’t moved so we could be come good friends again like we were in school!!Every day as soon as I sign on to my computer at work I check this site, and if there’s nothing, I check at lunch!Robin 🙂


  6. LOL! That is so funny…..cause YOU and Amy and Heather AND Christal are my blog crushes. Christal is on my side bar. Check her’s out sometime. I LOVE the quotes for life she always finds. And like you….just recently got brave and got her hair cut. She now joins us girls with the Short do look! Yay! : D


  7. I checked out the link and though I don’t agree with some of the things they have to buy (like cookies, treats, snacks and the bedtime thing), I think it’s a great idea for an easy, visual reward system. Anyways, great ideas. I am going to try those treat things soon.


  8. I really need to go check out those blogs. I think I have been to Heather’s before, I need to go back!Also, I just had to say that I love that your girls helped your youngest one. That almost made me teary. I have four girls and so this touched my heart because I feel the same way when they help their baby sisters. That is so neat!I think I need to check out the token system, I need some help and that sounds like a great idea! Thanks for sharing!


  9. One more thing, YOU are my blog crush. I don’t see how you do it all though? Seriously, HOW DO YOU DO IT? I am always amazed. Maybe I need some time management training from you. 🙂


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