Caught Up Till March! WHOO HOO!

You heard right, folks. I’m all caught up until this month! I’ve got about 4 layouts to do before I’m 100% caught up in my scrapbooking! YES! I caught the bug this week and I know when that happens, I have to let myself get to it! I did – I don’t know, over 20 pages or so. I was moving SO fast, I’ll tell ya! I got inspiration from Scrapbooks Etc. magazine and Simple Scrapbooks magazine (my 2 favs.) and I was able to make good use of my silhouette machine, too. These first 2 layouts I followed the exact same sketch from Scrapbooks Etc. and I used them to document fun little facts about my girls RIGHT NOW. In the “Me at three” page I actually journaled AS my three year old – LOL!~ It was too much fun, really. I could almost hear her saying the words. She is such a character.
I saw a layout similar to this in one of the magazines (can’t remember which) and I knew I had to do one of my two oldest together. Peas and Carrots…’nough said! Oh, by the way, I am officially beginning to love my handwriting (it’s taken nearly 25 years!). I hated hand-journaling because I felt like I was ruining my pages. Not any more! I’ve jumped in and hand-wrote on most of the layouts. If nothing else, it makes the process a lot faster!
These were the last two pages from the June kit of the month, and I’m thrilled with how they turned out. They document some of my “favorites” from my childhood. It was a great way to document some of my childhood photos. And another by the way – being caught up does NOT include my own childhood photos. I’ve got a huge folder full of photos from my growing up years that I still have to put a dent in. But being caught up from my teenage years to now will open up more time to get to those photos.

I’ll just let you browse through the rest of these (if you’ve got the time – LOL!) They aren’t magazine worthy, but they have a place in my albums! Forevermore 😉

6 thoughts on “Caught Up Till March! WHOO HOO!

  1. YAy! What a wonderful sense of accomplishment you must be feeling for sure! AWww…..I can just feel it now. Your family will absolutely love these even more as they continue to grow and have children of their own. THese are priceless gifts. Memories of their childhood.


  2. Oh my goodness! Where / how do you find the time? I sure can’t find the time with only 2 kid’s…I must be doing something wrong!Congrats – what a feeling eh? & they are great layouts as usual.


  3. I love LOVE LOVE!!!!! Your Mother page— well I love them all, but oh me oh my I love that mother page! You are awesome. I am so far behind. I need motivation.


  4. I absolutely LOVE your layouts! They are amazing! I am with Jenn, the mother one really grabbed my attention. Makes me want to do some photos with my four little girls. How do you keep up with it all? You make me want to be better! Thanks for your inspiration, I love your blog!


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