Giant Baby!

I’m a terrible mom. Really. I’ve been going crazy the last couple of days listening to my 18month old crying and the other three making all kinds of noise (Spring break – weather too cold to play outside, add it up) so today my hubby took the morning off work to take the youngest two to the doctor. I would have, but I was not “stable” after the last few days. LOL! I just needed a bit of break 🙂 He gets back and sure enough, my 18month old has an ear infection and my 3 year old has a throat infection. I knew they had colds, but suspected it might be something more. Yep. WHY didn’t I take them in when it started 2 days a go?!?!? Yep. Bad mom. I’m too tired to care right now, though. Did I mention 4 kids in the house, 3 of them sick, crying, coughing, tired, whiny, fighting….

Anyway, my hubby tells me that the doctor measured their height and J is measuring at 3 feet! She is only 18 months. Our 3 year old is only a couple of inches taller. They are almost the same height and there are 2 years between them! I’ve heard that if you double a child’s height at age 2, it will determine their adult height. If that’s true, then J takes after her grandpa on her dad’s side. I measured my older girls when they were two and if my calculations are correct – they will be about 5′ 5″ when they are grown (which is my height). If J is measuring 3 feet at 18 months…. YIKES GIRL!

She is so darn cute right now. Her favorite words are “thank you”, “shower”, “head, shoulders knees and toes”, and of course “No”. My little doll is such a sick little thing right now – not herself at all. Normally she doesn’t make a peep, just plays quietly, even being a goofball just to get a laugh. Hmm.. sounds like my husband 😀 Listening to her crying, whining, her being clingy non stop has been hard to handle, for both of us. It must be extremely frustrating to be sick and not able to communicate her woes to me. I wish I could just make it all better. I suppose the antibiotics will do the trick 🙂

Oh, I tried the fun new hairstyle over at Jenn’s and I love it! I did it slightly crooked, I know, but it was my first time. I’m just SO excited to know how to do the corkscrew thingy. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to know how to do that! Her video really makes it easy to understand. Love it!
Okay, I’ve gotta get back to scrapping. I’ve got about 4 layouts to get caught up to this month. I’m so close I can taste it! I don’t know if I’ll share ALL of the pages – some of them are less than stellar, but they are scrapbooked and I’ve told the story behind them. I’m getting so, so excited the closer I get! YIPPEE!

5 thoughts on “Giant Baby!

  1. Holy crap my poor son is going to be SHORTER— than all your girls! My family is all going to be super short. Thats cool though.You did awesome on that cute hair style! Very pretty!I hope all of you get feeling better really soon. Before you know it you will be able to go out and get some of that healing vitamin D we call the sun! Hang in there!


  2. Awwww……..when I looked at your last post I wondered if your little one was not feeling up to “snuff”. She looked so “not herself”. Thank goodness for modern medicine and doctors. I have no idea how they did it way back when…….Pretty soon it will all make everything feel better. Tamber looks SO grown up already! I see that her permanent from teeth have already arrived. Santa must of brought them to her for Christmas.


  3. You are so talented my girl!. I am loving the movie night ideas and your beautiful hair. Unfortunatly my girls won’t sit still that long and I’m severely hair uncoordinated. I hope spring hits you soon. we are almost there!


  4. I totally understand the ear infection thing. Tanner started getting them at about 8 months of age and had I believe 8 of them until he got his tubes in his ears at 18 months. He, unfortunatley always had double ear infections (an infection in both his ears), but I was always (except for the very first time) able to recognize the symtoms he showed and give him the drops he needed right away. I did find that a warm cloth or water bottle helped to ease the pain. Also, if you prop the head of her bed up a little bit, it helps with draining the ears and not feeling so plugged up in the ears. I also do this whenever any of us have a cold too. It works very well. You just need 1 pillow or a blanket under the head of the bed and that usually is enough. If it’s not, just add another little blanket. Sorry to hear that you have 2 that are sick. It’s always so difficult when they’re sick. And ear infections are SOOOOO hard to deal with becuase the pain is so intense until the antibiotics get into their little systems.


  5. You’re not a bad mom because whiny kids annoy you when they’re sick-you’re normal!! Tolerance has a limit I always say. And you were MEANT to have girls you scrapbooking queen and supreme hairstylist. Maybe I do want this baby to be a boy…I can barely do a normal braid. LOL ;>


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