Title-less (If you think of a title – let me know)

Overload! I’ve had such a blast these past couple of days. Friday night six of us gals got together for a girls night, and I KNOW you’re waiting to hear about their fun idea. Okay, here it is – and it’s very simple – something they call “Mommy school”. Don’t get excited, it’s not where we get together and tell each other how to be better moms (that’s just asking for trouble – LOL!). It’s simply the idea that instead of being idle when we get together, whomever is hosting will teach all us other gals a new skill! A new recipe, a new craft, a new hair-do – really, the possibilities are endless! So fun!

This time our beautiful hostess, Beth, taught us a fabulous salad recipe…well, SORT of. She actually doesn’t cook with recipes, so it will be hard to share it with you, but I’ll give you a quick run down because it was SO DELISH! You chop some red and yellow bell peppers, red onion, cucumber, tomato, and feta cheese into large chunks. You take a french loaf and cut in into large cubes. Fry the bread cubes in a bit of olive oil over medium heat- just until browned. Toss together with the veggies and feta. The dressing she just made – no recipe – but I know it included some extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, sugar, dijon mustard, oregano, and a couple of other spices I can’t remember. I’m GOING to ask her for a recipe one way or another. lol! You then mix the dressing ingredients well and toss with the veggies and croutons. SO yummy. I loved it. We each brought an appetizer as well – I brought some Dove Chocolates (so creamy and delicious) and we had a strawberry ice drink, some hummus, and some of those Dibbs (chocolate covered ice cream balls). We talked and laughed until past 1am, but it was such a blast! I got to know 4 gals I didn’t know very well a LOT better (though being new means any time spent means getting to know them better:) and I had a much needed change of scenery.

Saturday we went out for lunch with the kids, and I took some photos of my hubby for his work website. While the sheet was up, he suggested having our daughter take some shots of the both of us. What a great idea! We sat down and after a few tries, my daughter snapped this one:

I don’t like very many photos of me, but I love this one of the two of us. I’m so glad I agreed to it – I was SO tired by this point (thanks to my crazy girls night) but now I’ve got a photo to treasure. Way to work the camera, T! Wow- is my man ever gawgeous! YES! I really won the lottery with this guy…. Such an amazing hunka hunka burnin’ love. And all mine! (hands off, ladies)

Today I surprised the girls with new Spring dresses. I figure if I buy them a dress in Spring and at Christmas time, they’ll be set for the whole year! I bought these at Costco for $17 each. Can’t beat that! I wanted to buy them each a different dress, but once the sizes got up to the older girl’s sizes, the dresses were all sleeveless! *sigh* I won’t dress my girls in sleeveless clothing – even when they are babies. When do you start telling them “no”? I figured if I made the decision from day one – there wouldn’t as much as a fight later on. Anyway, I digress… I was able to get 3 different styles with sleeves, and 2 of the girls got the same style, but since they are far apart in age, it shouldn’t matter much. They all loved them. If you notice closely, I did a couple of Jenn’s hair-dos again, as well as a couple of my own. I AGAIN had so many compliments. I had one of those out of body experiences where I looked at them, and couldn’t comprehend that they were MINE. Have you ever had those? I looked at these angels and had no idea of how we got to this point – and with ME as their mother. LOL! I love ’em to peices, each one in all their goofy, brilliant, stubborn, beautiful glory! They really are gorgeous girls – if I do say so myself (ahem).

Oh,and here’s a nice surprise…maybe… I was browsing on one of my favorite websites (Simple Scrapbooks) and I came across THIS. WHAT?!?!?!?! I had NO IDEA I was a runner up and won a $50 gift card to Michaels! I think they mustn’t have been able to contact me because we moved the month they announced the winners. I am going to try to contact them tomorrow and see if it’s still possible to get my card. Either way – COOL! Again, it’s not my favorite layout LOVE the photo), but apparently, they liked it. LOL! I guess other’s ideas of what’s great isn’t always mine. Either way – WOO HOO!

By the way – the photo above is exactly how I feel now that Spring is showing it’s lovely face around here. JOY AND RAPTURE! YES!

Oh, and before I go – do any of you have any great ideas for organized activities to do with your kids during the Spring break? I’d love your input! Take care!

7 thoughts on “Title-less (If you think of a title – let me know)

  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL dresses! And I agree with the whole sleveeless thing too. If you make the choice from day one, then you never have to figure out when to say no. Your girls are so beautiful and I too have those out of body experiences…ALL the time. At least once a week. It’s great that you were able to meet some new girls and have such a wonderful time with them. That salad sounds amazing…mmmmm. I hope you’re having a great day.


  2. LOL! I was just going to comment about the sleeveless thing too. Yup! I agree…..right from day one.LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos of the girls and the one of you and Lydon. I think you are loving the short hair now, eh? I like it on you too.


  3. What a wonderful post! It sounds like life is going great for you! And I LOVE your new picture… I need to train my kid to take one of me and my hubby. 😀 I can’t wait to hear the rest of your girls night out ideas you’ll be doing. 😀


  4. ♥ Your daughter did a great job takign that picture! Love it!Very cute dresses! I’m the same way about sleeveless! And if I do have a dress that doesn’t have sleeves I always have a cute little shirt to go under it!Way to go on your layout! It’s a great layout BTW! 🙂


  5. Very cute dresses Bobbi, just love them! The pics are awesome! I too am looking for things to do with my kids this week – I am hopin’ the weather holds so we can do outdoor things! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


  6. I love that picture of you and your hubby! And the girls new dresses- BeAutiFuL!!! Love the hair too (wink wink)I love the idea of how you are doing your girls night! I need to get me a group for girls night… it sounds like loads of fun!Organized group activities for spring break… HUM! Have you checke dover at http://www.executivehomemaker.com/default.asp That would be where I’d look for a few fun idea’s.


  7. Oh! I love your layouts (latest post) and the pics and the recipes. You are such an awesome blogger-I think it is a great way to journal! I got the Same dresses at costco! I totally agree about the sleeveless thing – no baby bikinis either! I however got the green polka dot dress for L., It was way too big, but I was able to take it in and cut off some of the bottom to make sleeves. Way more owrk than I thought, but I loved the dots and wouldnt put it on her w/out sleeves! Keep up the good work! You are so inspiring!


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