Layout, tutus, and a "pack it in" moment

Just finished this layout of my just-turned-six year old, and it was not easy! I mean, I had the design done in no time, but then I wanted to come up with some little point-form facts about her right now – today. It was harder than I thought! Wow, do I really not know my children very well? I mean, I couldn’t tell you what her favorite color is or her favorite song… I think I should be awarded the “worst mother of the year” award at this point. I had my husband come in and help a bit, and we did manage to brainstorm a few observations about her, which I ended up being so happy with. But honestly… I need to sit down and interview this child. It’s on my to-do list..

Another item on my to-do list, however, has now been completed – adding more tulle to the pink tutu I made a while back. I bought some hot pink tulle to add to the light pinks and I love how it turned out. I couldn’t wait to take some photos, but the wather was NOT co-operating (i.e. – 30 degree with the windchill). I agree with my 7 year old’s sentiment “I wish windchill did not EXIST! Except maybe in the summer…” Ditto! ANywa, I forced her into the tutu for some photos, but I’m not all that happy with them. What brave girl, though, going outside for a few shots before school. BRRRR! No, I didn’t torture her, she was outside for about 1 minute and I snapped the photo. She wasn’t even cold (she says) but I was. And no, my daughter is not blue I just used my billboard action for a fun look for the last 2 photos. I kinda like it. I can’t believe this child will be baptized in a month. CRAZAY! I have full confidence in her, though. She’s fantastic. She is already pestering me about fasting on Sundays now. *sigh* to be that excited about going hungry…..

So, if you actually read blog titles you may be wondering about the last part. Remember when I was having a “wo is me” moment a while back? Well, I had another one. I blame it on hormones, but it was still unwelcome! BLAH! I got to wondering (strictly through negative thinking) if I should have ventured into the professional photography thing. I felt ready to pack it up, pack it in! I suppose it was amplified by the fact that I haven’t been loving the shots I’ve been getting around here lately, feeling slightly isolated here, having my 18 month old crying non-stop for hours (still not sure why) and maybe a bit of the “winter blahs” creeping into the picture. Did I have any valid excuse for feeling that way? Absolutely not. In fact, I had had a great day with some gals from the ward, but somehow I ended up feeling so down by the end of the day.

Anyway, my ever patient husband listened to me whine a bit, cry a bit, and feel generally blah. Then, he surprised me with a dozen long stemmed roses AND some chocolate. Oh sweet, sweet day. It’s amazing what that small act of kindness did for me. Have I said how much I love my husband? Well, I’ll say it again! I LOVE MY MAN!

10 thoughts on “Layout, tutus, and a "pack it in" moment

  1. Your layout is absolutely beautiful – don’t be so hard on yourself Bobbi!Love that pink tutu – Taylor would absolutely love something like that – if only I sewed!Sending HUGZ your way Bobbi!


  2. We all have those days. Cry on my shoulder any day. I hope you are feeling much better soon. It’s the weather for sure. Cabin fever. You just need a little sunshine. IT will come. Hang in there. And YES you have the most FAB husband ever! Love the Flowers!!!! Wheres’ the photo of the chocolates? LOL!Talia is right….don’t stop the photography. You truly are too hard on yourself. I was just going through my photos today and I could pin point every one that you did. You are SO talented.


  3. First of all, your page is totally awesome – love that layout! Second, your photograpy rocks so don’t you dare quit! I totally understand about being down, been there lots myself recently – good for your husband for being so sweet! (((CYBER HUGS))) to you you! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


  4. I really enjoy your blog. I am overwhelmed with your talent. I open Adobe and am at a complete loss! Honestly maybe I am not able to learn it. Do you know a good class I could take or tutorial?I am SO tired of winter too!


  5. HI! You gave me the link to your tutorial on blog headers…and I’ve gone through pretty much all of your tutorial…I LOVE THEM. I learned SO much. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I was wondering if you could do one on having a b/w photo with one thing in color. Like flowers in color with the rest of the pic in b/w. I hope that makes sense. Thanks again!


  6. Your photography is amazing! What a sweet hubby trying to make you feel better 🙂 And love your tutu pics! I just saw that tutu pattern a little while ago and was thinking of making one. I love how yours turned out!


  7. I cant believe how much thoes girls are growing!!! Tamber is a brave little girl to go out in them temps to have a pic with a “pink” TUTU!!!! Very good idea with no sewing though…think I’ll ever get one on my kids….lmao!!!!Kudos to your hubby too hun! I love it when Craig does little things like that for me!!!Penny


  8. I have always thought your photos were fabulous! I love the tutu…it’s so cute. And your daughter is so photogenic! I hope I have half your talent when I grow up!


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