If Friends Were Flowers….

…I’d pick a bunch like you!

I bought this scrapbooking kit way back in June of 2007 and have had so much fun creating with it, but for some reason I had been putting off doing this “friends” layout. I’m not sure why I was holding out – maybe waiting for a group photo with my friends or something…not sure.

The papers caught my eye and I knew I was ready to create a page devoted to good friends. It was so fun looking through my old files for photos of some of my fabulous friends, reliving some really fun memories, even laughing out loud more than once. What I discovered is that throughout my entire life, the Lord has provided me with fantastic friends every step of the way! Just when one friend moves (or I do) the Lord is there waiting with another to add to my “crew”. LOL! Each of these wonderful ladies have left their mark on my life in unique and exciting ways! It was also fun to see that my friends have come to me in a lot of different ways – some through church, some through my childhood, some through my kids, and some are members of my own family (love when I discover those…)! One thing I know to be true is that as I go through life I’ll continue to discover more great pals to laugh with, cry with, just BE with. The thought is so exciting! The only thing I need to remind myself of is to BE the kind of friend I would want to be friends with…

Ooohh, by the way… have you checked out the Kit of the Month this month? I had to order it. Can you think of a better way to get caught up and STAY caught up? Love this new kit and I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for it to arrive. Oh the excitement!

Now, before I just explode with giddy happiness, I must share this super fun (and uber-easy) idea I’m working on. I saw something similar to this in Rebecca Cooper’s book “Real.Life.Scrapbooking” and I was waiting to find a cute photo album to use. Well, I struck gold! I was in Superstore and I saw these cute white albums for under $4 (the hold 40 4X6 photos). I immediately bought 2 (one for next year) and started on my 2008 at a glance album. First I altered the cover of the album with some Rub ons from American Crafts, a Heidi Swapp Flower, some black mesh, and some “bling” from the Dollar store. Took me about 10 minutes to do. Just makes the cover more fun to look at (because I stare at it for hours a day). If you don’t consider yourself crafty, just leave the cover as is!

The real treasure is what you do inside. On the left hand side, I wrote point-style notes of what we’ve done that month on a 4X6 peice of cardstock, and on the right hand side I made a 4X6 photo collage of a few photos highlighting our acitivites that month. If you don’t know how (or don’t want) to make a photo collage, just use ONE photo from that month that represents that month to you. It’s simple!

You can do the monthly titles ahead of time, and at the end of each month simply jot down in point form what you did and slide in the photo. By the end of the year you’ll have 2008 at a glance! This is a great spot to stick photos you won’t necessarily scrapbook, but want to document somehow. If you aren’t a scrapbooker, this is a simple way to do an album that is fun to read and remember your year easily!

I’m so excited to keep this up. What a sweet little treasure I’ll have by the end of the year!

12 thoughts on “If Friends Were Flowers….

  1. THat is SO cool Bobbi! You have some awesome ideas! I am going to have to attempt at some of these. What great memories you have. P.S. NOw you got me curious…..what got you laughing right out loud? Hmmm?? Something you can share with the rest of us? LOL!


  2. Tiffany – didn’t you know there was a time difference between us?? Actually, I was preparing this post over the last couple of days, and I was trying to change the date to today’s date – must have typed in the wrong date! LOL!Lynn, I was thinking of when I was photogrpahing Cassie’s wedding – how hilarious you all were (especially Cassie) and some of the crazy and goofy conversations I’ve had with Joanne while we scrapbooked late into the night. I get strange when I stay up late (just as Joanne about what makes me feel naughty…)


  3. Oh my Bobbi! I feel sooo “special” that I’m in a layout of yours! It really means alot to me & has made my day all that much sweeter.I could only have wished that we had more time together getting to know one another before you moved, now we just have to do it long distance! & I wish our kid’s had been able to get to know one another more also, it would have been sweet for them to have grown up together. Your album is awesome – what a fabulous idea.& is that your handwriting? if it is it’s gorgeous.


  4. totally wonderful projects Bobbi!! Your scrapbook pages rock – how nice is it that we both did friend layouts today??!! I cherish and love my friends and so I know exactly what you mean. And, that little book is darling, I love your idea and can’t wait to see more of your pages as you add to it! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


  5. okay I just totally laughed out loud at your “naughty” comment. I just told a couple of friend’s who were over scrapbooking about ripping photos and how that makes us feel naughty. Your pages are beautiful and I am going to scraplift that for sure. Naughty naughty naughty. hee hee . I totally miss you!


  6. Love it all- I’ve started my little collage too for the year. It will be much easier this way! Fantastic as always. I am two tutorials behind from you and I am totally bumbed. Man life can sure get busy! But keep them coming. They are great! I really am excited for the milky black and whites… I love it all!


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