Cute gals… Oh, and what a ‘do!

The photography bug has been biting me…hard! I’m itching for Spring to arrive so we can go outdoors and do some colorful photo shoots with these sweethearts. As it is, we’re stuck indoors with -30 degree weather (with the windchill..). Gross.

Back to photography (somehow with me it always goes back to that..) Our church starts at 11:30am, which means i’ve got time to kill on Sunday mornings. What better way to kill said time than some fancy ‘dos and some fun photos. I absolutely LOVE this one of my two middle girls. Lately they have become better and better friends. I also love this photo because it’s so hard to get natual looking photos of ANY of my kids. It’s a downside to having a photo bug for a mom…the camera comes out, and the “fake” poses appear. *sigh* This photo was snapped while they were having a snack before church, sharing a seat just for the fun of it, and giggling at something their daddy said. SO sweet! (btw..I’ve been trying to edit using our new laptop,but it’s not callibrated, so the colors may be slightly off. I’m working on it…)

I specifically wanted to take some snapshots of my Bayboo, because with her hair trimmed and her sweet outfit she looks so grown-up. I love the brown sweater (you can’t see it very well in these shots) that I bought on clearance at Superstore for a $1.97! YAY! Makes me so happy to grab a deal like that…
Oh, and the cherry on the top…this awesome hair do that I learned how to do HERE on Jenn’s blog (remember those fabulous hair tutorials? I hope you’re keeping up with them!). It was SO easy to do and I can’t tell you all the compliments I received at Church. You can’t really tell, but Bryn has the “net” kind of hair do with a messy bun (also received a lot of compliments on it). One woman asked me if my girl’s hair always looks this extravagent. Um….NO! I love these ‘dos ’cause they will stay in for a couple of days, which means less work for me. Love it!

And a BIG thank you to all of your encouragement with sticking with my healthy goals. I got back on the treadmill today and rocked it! (or walked it…) It felt GREAT! Good news…I still lost 2 pounds in the last week and a half, even without the working out (which must mean my metabolism is starting to be my friend). It was VERY encouraging to see that slightly lower number on the scale 🙂 I’m feeling refreshed and I’m going to keep at it! Thanks everyone!

5 thoughts on “Cute gals… Oh, and what a ‘do!

  1. The pictures are just wonderful Bobbi! I love coming to your blog, honestly it’s the highlight of my day at work! LOLGreat job on getting back onto the treadmill, I’ve been in a slump too and I’m hoping once baby comes I can get out of the slump too and get my butt back into gear!


  2. Such gorgeous hair do’s! I must admit though…..I was SO glad to have 3 boys right in a row. Makes Sunday mornings a snap now! But I do remember having to get my girls hair done. Wish I could have done some of that. So cool.


  3. You are a fantastic photographer Bobbi – these pictures are amazing and your girls are so stinkin’ adorable! Good for you for losing – I am going back to WW this week myself *sigh**STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


  4. Oh, I know just what you mean about the itch to photograph. I’m just glad it is starting to be light a little longer, so I can take a few pics of the boys after school. I also love the hair do’s, they look awesome as do the photos It’s great when you get one child to look natural in a photo, two (or more) is pretty much a miracle!


  5. How did I miss this? I was scrolling down to get to last weeks B&W tutorial and I missed this post! How wonderful! I love how the hair looks. SO cute- and easy too! hu?


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