Booster Cables, Anyone?


I need a boost.

I think I’m getting into an exercising slump. After the stomach flu had me out for 3 or 4 days, it’s been so hard to get back into my goal of running and eating right. I don’t want to give up – not now! I think I need some help getting back on track. What do you do when you get into a slump like this? With ANY goal? I would love your input…


7 thoughts on “Booster Cables, Anyone?

  1. Oh that happens a lot to me! I find something different. My exercising can get VERY boring and monotonous after a while. Try something different from running for a month and you’ll be amazed at how great running is again later. Take swimming, or dancing, your yoga, or weight training. Good luck and keep it up. We are behind you!


  2. Sometimes I just force myself to keep going for a day or so until I get back into the swing of it. OR, bribe yourself. “IF I do it all this week THEN I get to do (or get)________.” I am a sucker for a good bribe. Sometimes I bribe myself each day until I feel like it is the reward itself again.Mostly though, don’t sweat it. It will get better again. It’s always hard getting back into it.


  3. I tend to either give myself ONE day off, or I use the old church saying, when you least want to be on your knees, is when you most need to be. I insert, whatever it is i need to be doing, and it sometimes gives me the motivation. I also vary my routine and run the same route in a different direction, or find somewhere else to run. or race myself. I agree with Lynn, Swimming is a great alternative cross trainer for running. Just have fun, be safe, and remember, you are worth it!


  4. There are two things I do to keep myself motivated…one is set a date to acomplish a goal by. Eg. I want to lose a kabillion pounds by Women’s Conference. = ) The other is get something new to work out in. Superstore has some pretty good, and cute Joe stuff. Easy on the wallet too. I always worked out in old sweats and a big baggy T-shirt. But once I got some running pants…man you run faster so you’ll look good in those tight pants! Keep at it….


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