When Will Winter Wane?

Did you enjoy that nice bit of alliteration? It made me smile 😛 Yes. It’s official – I’m ready for winter to be over. Even though the kids look like they are having so much fun playing in the snow in our yard, even though the cold means I have an excuse to wear layers to cover my flub-a-dub, even though my birthday and Christmas, Valentines, and even Easter lands in the cold months – it’s not enough to make me love this season this long. I need some color in my world! I’m feeling too much of this gray-ness. I need some vibrant colors, some warmth on my face, some vans that don’t take 2 hours to heat up, some roads that aren’t icier than skating rinks! I’m not asking for a lot – just PLEASE Spring, don’t stay away too long…I miss you!

9 thoughts on “When Will Winter Wane?

  1. I am So with you Bobbi. I have to laugh because I still remember that HOT melting July 14th day when you were taking pics of us at our daughter’s wedding, and I was thinking….man a Winter wedding sure would’ve been nice. LOL!


  2. We don’t have snow, but I am SO READY for SPRING (my fave season)!!I do have to say though – – your kids are so picturesque!! They look so darling in their big snow coats and playing in the white fluffy snow!!


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