It Works For Me Award!

Okay, I spent a *little* more time designing this award, and I may yet change it up in the future, but I was so excited to get it awarded! I decided on the “It Works For Me” award because I love finding new and innovative ideas that REALLY WORK! I want to acknowledge blogs that have taught me something that I find really useful and pass along as many people as I can to them – thus the award!

So, for my first “It Works For Me” awards I will be awarding 2 of my latest favs. Here are the award winners!

1. This one is so funny because I was designing my award and I hopped over to this blog to copy the website address so I could paste it here, and lo and behold – I saw the SHE had given ME a blog award. LOL! Her award is FLIPPIN’ AWESOME ’cause it’s a Napolean Dynamite one. YES! So fun.

My first award winner is Jenn from “It’s a Love thing”. What works for me? Besides her humor and talent in many areas, it’s specifically her Hair Tutorials! AWESOME! On Friday’s she shares step-by-step tutorials on fun hair-dos for kids. LOVE them. I’ve tried all of them on my girls and “it works for me!” The one “do” I kept in for 3 days, and it stayed looking fabulous (lazy mom’s way out). Not only that, I received dozens of compliments on it, and had ladies asking me how I did it. I send them over to Jenn! I hope you’ll make the visit too.

2. My second award winner is Amy over at “Heavenly Happenings” and her fun lunch tips. Check out her love lunch. So creative! I hope she keeps posting more great lunch tips because I am seriously lacking in that area. In fact, my husband packs their lunches 99% of the time. I should probably help in that area more, and Amy’s tips will be a big help! Also check out her ideas for her kids’ 100 day celebration. Inspired!

Congrats, Ladies!

5 thoughts on “It Works For Me Award!

  1. Wow! Thanks Bobbi Jo! You are awesome. I’ve been trying to let you know that I would love you to link to my blog (lunches) but my computer/internet connection is messed up! I hope this comment even works. Anyway thanks a million!


  2. You are to funny! Thank you! But pretty much all my talents these days are inspired by you, so in a BIG way…. you are giving this award to yourself. Thank you Bobbi!


  3. What a cool idea! Everyone loves encouragement and praise for the work and fun ideas they do. Way to go Bobbi! I am looking forward to your links to these fabulous tips on different blogs. Way cool! I am having so much fun learning from all these talented people.


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