Scrappa-Scrappa burnin’ love (and something just for Lynn!)

I can’t believe it, but I found MORE time to do some scrapping this week. I’m on a roll, baby! I’ve completed 10 pages so far, and I’m still going strong! I don’t know how many more I’ll complete this week, but I’m loving the creativity that’s been flowing. Usually I burn out for a couple of weeks before I get back into the “scrappin'” mood again. I’m going with it…who knows when I’ll feel the desire to do a scrap-a-thon again. I’ve been especially inspired by Rebecca Cooper’s book “Real.Life.Scrapbooking” – I’ve read through it this week and it’s gotten me pumped all over again. Really – it’s by far my favorite scrapbooking book EVAH!

The last layout is my fav! I love the circles with the journaling and the title. The photos are some of my favorites of Jayda, as well. Such a doll. I figured I’ve completed up to April of last year (though I’ve also been scrapping several photos from this year too). I’ve got about an album and a half worth of photos left. I wonder if I set my mind to it, I could get caught up soon.

For the circles, I simply created a text box in Word, filled it with the color of my choice, and typed in white. I made sure that the margins were really wide to accomodate the cropping into a circle later. I used my Fiskars circle cutter to cut the text boxes into circles, and voila! The smaller circles were just punched with my circle punches out of scraps of paper. LOVE how it turned out.

And now for the special gift, just for Lynn – some photos of my haircut. The first one I took a snapshot in the mirror in my bedroom. The second one I coerced my 7 year old into taking a shot of me. Hope you get the idea of the hair cut. I’m waiting for my bangs to reach the same length as the rest of my hair, then I’ll have the front a little longer than the back (next time I get it cut).

The girls had a wonderful Valentine’s day at school today. They both came home with bags of cards and candy from their friends and teachers. So much fun. I could almost relive the fun from my childhood through them. I miss getting bunches of cute little cards from my friends at school. The anticipation of what the cards from the cute boys would say nearly made me crazy! Would they sign it “love” so-and-so? LOL! So funny how a girl’s mind works. I took photos of the girls decorating GIANT Valentine cookies (a tradition I remember well from childhood). We did this for FHE on Monday night (after a very nice “love” game that inevitably turned into crying when one child didn’t win first…argh!) Why does that always have to happen? Anyway, I made some delicious buttercream icing, which I had to taste (a lot), so I’m afraid my diet has taken a back seat this week… Honestly, could you resist giant heart shaped cookies??

8 thoughts on “Scrappa-Scrappa burnin’ love (and something just for Lynn!)

  1. Yay for me! I am SO happy to see your new hair cut. Bobbi, you are SO cute! The cut sure is adorable (er…sexy. There. That is more grown up. : D) I truly love it. I bet you do too. And your bangs are SO long already. How did you do that? Tell Tamber she took an awesome pic. LOVE the scrapbook pages you are doing. You are sure on a roll.


  2. Wow! I hope you NEVER get tired of scrappin’ because I love your layouts, they are all so cute and well done!! Your hair is really pretty – love it! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


  3. I LOVE your new do! You look amazing!!!! It’s always nice to get a hair cut when you are feeling kind of frumpy. A haircut can do wonders! I also adore Rebecca’s book too. It’s amazing! She is an amazing person. You’re pages look great. They’re really fun. Could you send some cookies over this way??? lol


  4. I just spent 20 minutes reading through your latest postings. I really love the photo magnets. Great idea. Thanks for the reminder to watch the leadership training thing. My husband went and said it was awesome but I keep forgetting to watch it. It is sad that the world doesn’t appreciate us homemakers. It doesn’t matter if the world doesn’t understand the importance. As long as we do. One day they’ll realize it. Can’t bring the money with you when you leave this world but you sure can bring all the fabulous family memories and the ties with our family.


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