Catching Up

This entire week has been one big write-off as far as HEALTH is concerned. Yes, we’ve been sick again! That’s twice in the last month! This time it’s a cold, with a couple of cases of throat infections, and 6 cases of irritablility. LOL! The kids graced our home with this cold first, followed this weekend by mom and dad getting it. I absolutely can’t stand having a sinus headache and stuffy nose and all that comes with it. So nasty. But, as we all know – we wouldn’t enjoy health if we never experienced sickness…so I suppose I should be grateful? Hmm… working on it. I wonder if our bodies are having a rough time adjusting to a different climate? It’s so strange for us to be sick so often like this.

I missed Church yesterday, which I really don’t like because it kind of messes up my entire week. Going to church is like resetting my clock – it puts everything back into perspective and energizes me for the week ahead. I’m going to have to work twice as hard to get my spirituality where it needs to be each day. Funny how missing one 3 hour meeting can do that.

Being as we were all off last week, we decided to go and check out some fun things to do around here, one of them being the local Royal Museum. We didn’t know what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised by it! First, there is no fee, only a donation – which could be whatever you want. We paid the suggested family donation of $5. Well worth it! The museum was so much fun! There were so many neat displays that the kids LOVED and it took over an hour to go through (it would have taken me even longer if I wasn’t trying to keep up with the kids who were running from one display to the next). There was a mechanical T-Rex that had J running scared, and a fun play room where the kids could play in the sand with dinosaurs, draw and color, read books, or play on several computers. My oldest spent the entire time with her camera up to her face, taking photos of everything. She is definitely her mother’s daughter in so many ways. She actually got a lot of great shots! There is definitely some talent there….

We had a great time and the girls have ever since been asking when we can go back. It’s located right across the river from the Parliament building, which is a gorgeous site. I just LOVE it here!

This past weekend we also had a lot of fun when Lyndon’s friends from Calgary came to stay overnight on their way to their new home farther east. They weren’t alone, however, and brought with them their Doberman Pincher named “Jinx”. This dog was the most gorgeous animal! And he was a bit of a baby, too. LOL! He was frightened of the kids at first, hightailing it outta there whenever he would see one. It was hilarious! You can kind of see how scared he was when T wanted to take a photo with him. LOL! After a little coaxing, however, he started bounding around our small house and playing with the kids like a puppy. He was so gentle and sweet. I just loved him. Didn’t change my mind about getting another dog, though. I’m happy with the 4 little animals I’ve got running around, thank you. He was sure sweet, though. Yes, that is extremely dark pink lipstick on T. She got make-up a couple of years back for Christmas and has just recently decided she wants to wear it – only when she knows company will be over to see. LOL! We have rules against her wearing make-up outside the house until she is 12, but inside, well – you’ve gotta practise sometime! Not only that – but she wanted a model to experiment on. Guess who? No…not me…

She looks like a 1 year old lady of the night! Actually, she did the lipstick quite neatly, I’m surprised. I also love the 200 barrettes in the hair. Very chic. J LOVED looking at the results in the mirror (though she loves looking the mirror when she’s crying, too). I have to admit, I’m a little jealous about the lips. I’ve always wanted those gorgeous full lips. I guess I”ll just live vicariously through my girls!
Oh, before I go – I wanted to pass along something GREAT I found on one of the blogs I like to stalk. Every Friday, Jenn Nelson will be including on her blog some easy-to-follow tutorials on fun hairstyles to try on your kids! I LOVE this! I tried this “knotty crown” on my girls yesterday and they LOVED it. It was so easy, and as a mom of four girls I know this will come in handy. Now to get my husband reading them so HE can take his turn doing their hair. LOL!

3 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. It always sounds eventful at your house. Glad to hear you’ve all survived another sickness…perhaps this means you’ve had your share for the year.


  2. Sorry about the sick bugs in your house. I hate cold/flu season. I was looking at the pictures of your kids and I thought… Her girls have beautiful lips. My neice has really beautiful lips too. Then you wrote about your lip envy of your girls. I laughed, because I thought the same things. You just have very beautiful kids.I’m so happy you liked my hair tutorial! And thank you for the props.


  3. I think it must be climate change. The same thing happened to all of us when we moved to Calgary. We all kept getting sick. Strange. Glad you are feeling better. The museum trip sounds like so much fun. The price sounded even better!Very cute that you let your girls practice with their makeup now. When they wear it as teenagers, they will already be pros and wear it right.. Awesome mom you are!


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