Page after page after page….

I did warn you, didn’t I? Here are just some of the pages that have been keeping me busy that last 3 days. I can’t describe how great it feels to have completed a huge chucnk of my scrapbooking that has been waiting for me. Like I said before, there is still at least this much again still waiting for me before being caught up, but I know I can do it~ Imagine – scrapbooking photos as I go. Printing off the photos, taking them to the store, picking out the right papers, the right embellishments, and completing the layout just as I want it. It’s not every scrappers dream, but it IS mine. I can’t stand having something undone hanging over my head. The idea of being (and staying ) caught up makes me feel so light! Will I actually STAY caught up? Hmm.. not sure. I’ve never gotten to the point of being caught up yet, so I can’t really say.

If nothing else – I completed the summer 2007 album, which was a HUGE chunk of photos. I was smart about it, though – I printed most of them as wallet sized prints, and only chose a few to print larger. I was able to fit dozens of photos onto fewer pages, which made the process simpler and quicker. I’m going to do that far more often. I also realized that I can scrap an event in a 2 page spread, not neccesarily in 6 or 8 pages! – I don’t have to scrap EVERY photo either. It’s okay! Just pick 2 or 3 or 4 photos that really encompass your feelings about that day. I’ve also started taking fewer photos, which has made the narrowing down process much, much easier. Yes, I suppose I CAN get caught up and STAY caught up in 2008!

8 thoughts on “Page after page after page….

  1. HOLY MOLY!!! I just found your blog through Tracy’s (Tracy’s Happy Place) who told me you had a WOW! blog and she was NOT lyin’! Your pages rock, I cannot believe how many you got done!! And, they are all beautiful!!! I have you bookmarked and will definitely be back!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


  2. Don’t you just love it when your goals all come together?! What a feeling of accomplishment you must be going through. Way to go! Go Bobbi Go!


  3. Holy Smokes!I am beyond mad jelous! This is one of my goals this year too. I am soooooo far behind! But I did mine really stupid. I was trying to make all te kids there own books. Tooooo hard. So I am fixing my style and combining all the books this year. And I totally can stomach jumping into this project. So I admire and envy your dedication… and all your mad talent!


  4. These are great! I love the ‘cookies’ layout. I also love your craft room, its beautiful! And thanks for posting the link to Jenn and her little girl hair ideas. I love your blog, it is fun, interesting, informative, and so great to look at!


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