31 years young!

My dear sweet, and not-so-young husband is 31 years old today. 31 years has this wonderful man touched the lives of everyone around him. It has been nearly 10 years that he has been the most important person in my life and I feel overwhelmed with emotion thinking of it. His mother told me that even as a young child, his desire was always to be obedient and helpful. He would be the one up early in the morning setting the table for breakfast – without being asked. He was the peacemaker very often in his household – though I’m sure he caused his own trouble at least once and a while 😉 His quick wit and easy smile easily diffuse tense situations and his positive attitude have been more than a little example to me in the last 10 years.
I can’t start to describe the impact he’s had on my personally, and I know if I tried, I wouldn’t do him justice. All I can say with all the energy of my heart is that he is the best man I’ve ever known – and that is saying a lot when you know the fantastic father and father-in-law I’ve got 🙂 His desires are ALWAYS righteous, and though he makes mistakes like all of us, he is quick to notice and make amends. He is consisitently trying to improve himself and improve his relationships with others. He is very smart, very hard working, hysterically funny, and a very, very good father to our girs. I know there is no human being on this earth whom they adore more than their father, and I see why every.singe.day. Sometimes I feel a little envious of how much they adore him, but I can’t help but adore him the same way myself. He is patient, long-suffering, kind, charitable. I could go on and on.
I know that he must sound too good to be true – no man could be all those things. While I admit it sounds extraordinary, he is completely real and I’m so glad he is in my life. Anyone who knows him knows what I mean and can attest to the fact that he is a wonderful person. I tried to make today special for him, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve failed miserably. I wanted to give him breakfast in bed – he woke up just as early as I did. I wanted him to be able to just go out and enjoy his day, but he ended up running errands and enduring a fiasco with a mattress (don’t ask). I couldn’t even keep the kids from fighting and arguing all day. They’ve been home sick with bad colds all week, which means not a lot of sleep, headaches, being stuck in the house (which can also be chalked up to the -50 degree weather) and so have had more than enough of each other. They have been at each other almost non-stop. I feel like I’m failing in my resolution to “Lighten Up” this week – my nerves are on edge.
I did manage to make his favorite dinner (spaghetti) and bake his favorite cake (chocolate with cream cheese icing). But I can’t help but feel like today was anything but special for him. He has been through a lot these past few months with the job situation – and has been more than a little patient with a company he really wants to get a position with. I know he must feel the pressure of having a family to support and it must also wear on his nerves to be home with us crazies all day – day after day! LOL! I love him for it, though, and I know that he will get this job – and everything will work out. Add to that the fact that he was just called to the Stake High Council and his Primary teaching calling and he’ll be PLENTY busy. He is so willing to serve in whatever capacity, it’s one of the things I love about him. I love him for helping around the house doing whatever needs to be done. I love him for changing diapers, for loading the dishwasher, for shovelling our walks (even in -40C weather. I love him for letting me sleep in, for rubbing my back nearly every night, for bringing home supper after a long day, for all the little things he does to show his love for us.
Happy birthday, honey. I want you to know how much you mean to us – and how you touch the lives of so many people as you go through life. I know you will accomplish so much in the next few years and I want you to know that I will be your biggest cheerleader along the way, just as you’ve always done for me! Love you!
Oh, and if you’ve wondered where I’ve been – I’ve been here scrapbooking like mad! In the last 3 days I’ve completed 38 pages! I can’t wait to share some with you soon. Yes, I’ve been working on my resolutions like mad and I’m doing well. In fact, I thought I was almost completely caught up in my scrapbooking until I found another 12X12 album full of photos waiting to be done. SIGH. Oh well, what fun would a resolution be if I was finished in January?? I’ve also been doing well with my “getting into shape” goal. I’m down 8 lbs from the beginning of January! Yay! If I can keep it up, I’ll be near my goal by summer – just in time for swimsuit weather! Hoorah! I don’t plan on quitting any time soon!

5 thoughts on “31 years young!

  1. Sounds like you have a KEEPER!! What a wonderful tribute to your husband! Happy bday to your hubby!And WOW! How great and productive are you?! 38 pages in 3 days! You are my hero! 🙂


  2. Yup! That sounds like our “Lyndon”. LOL! Well, he’s yours, but here in our ward, we still think of him as ours. Beautiful tribute. Sure miss you guys. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNDON! Can’t believe another year has gone by so quickly. P.S. We even included your birthday party at the church last year in our ward history.. Yup…..you are in the Salt Lake “vault”. : D


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