Baby "H" – what a doll!

I had the BEST time photographing this little sweetheart. She celebrated her 1 month birthday the day before this shoot, so it was a milestone for her. I have to say that she was a little trooper. She was so happy and content the entire time, letting us do all sorts of mean things to her 😉 And can I just say – GORGEOUS? She comes by it honestly – I mean, look at her mother! They were both a pleasure to photograph in every way. It felt like so long since I did a newborn shoot. I felt like I was all thumbs! Thankfully, Leah (the mom) was so fun and willing to do pretty much whatever I wanted. I love how these turned out, and I hope she does too! I sharpened and resized these for web, and some of them look a little oversharpened. The colors look a little muted on this website, too. The full res. versions look SO much better, but you get the idea. Love to know what you think!

11 thoughts on “Baby "H" – what a doll!

  1. WOw! Bobbi those are awesome. YOu really pulled out all the best in these beautiful human beings. These pictures pull out so many emotions. And may I say “Baby H’s mom has the most exotic eyes ever!” Great photography.


  2. Bobbi Jo,These photos are awesome! I found your blog from a website – The paper monkey – blogs that inspire. I just started clicking on the canadian ones and liked yours right away! I didn’t know it was you until I got down to the year in review book (which is beautiful and I am totally going to try to copy) but it said Greunwald and I was like whoa that is a familliar name then I saw the pics and wow it was your family. I have now poured over this blog and done two of the tutorials! Thank you! I have been blogging for almost two years now, but not much of this fancy stuff, just so my family who lives so far away can keep up on our family. I wish you were still here so you could take some pics of my baby before she gets any older. OK this has gotten way too long but just wanted to say keep up the great work!Amy Heaven


  3. Truly amazing, stunningly beautiful photos! They are amazing! Very nice. I love love love the black ones where you just see the mom’s hands holding the baby. OH, I hope I have another baby so you can photograph us.


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