THIS is my year! ~ And photos of the house

This was a digital layout I did as a way to “write down” my goal to get into shape the right way – after all, an unwritten goal is merely a wish! I’d say I’m on track thus far. I’ve lost 6 pounds in the last 2 1/2 weeks, so I’m happy with that! I’ve also been losing inches, which is the important thing for me. If you look closely, you’ll see that I added my own signature at the bottom. HOW did you DO that, you ask? Well, with my….
Wacom Tablet! Yippee! I bought this with Christmas money this year, and I have really been enjoying myself. It’s made my photo editing much more precise and I’ve enjoyed designing some digital scrapbooking elements with it as well. I’ll share some of those later 😉 Anyhoo – I know I said before that I would share some photos of the house from the OUTSIDE and I finally brought myself to go outside in the brr brr cold and take some photos. So, here it is:

Yes, the backyard looks alittle cluttered right now – and this shot only shows part of the yard, but it’s mostly sleds and other toys the kids have been enjoying back there, which I’m not complaining about! I LOVE that they want to play outside, and it’s going to get more exciting as the weather gets warmer. I’m looking forward to planting a garden back there. By the way, WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO GROW IN YOUR GARDEN? I want to get some ideas of what to plant this year. I, of course, love carrots, and I may plant some potatoes, but other than that…. I’m just not sure. I’d love to get your input.

Well, I think that’s it for now. I’ll be back tomorrow with that storyboard tutorial- OH! I have some more exciting news (another Christmas gift that just arrived!) but I’ll save that for another day….

8 thoughts on “THIS is my year! ~ And photos of the house

  1. Hello – just perusing your blog – read your birthday wish – so will announce myself. I am amazed by your photography and your ability on the computer – WOW. Favourite things in my garden are my jasmine and gardenia plants – make my ‘deck’ smell so nice in the evenings during the summer. Loved the photos of your backyard – makes me homesick. I miss the snow. I had to water my garden the other day – such a drag.


  2. Bobbie–I found you through blog hopping, you are amazing and you have totally helped me with your tutorials. I am so glad I found you by accident. Lately I have been enjoying my new skill with the eye pop. Thank you. I know it takes a ton of time to do all that and get it on blogger. But this girl appreciates it. I will be definitly be checking back. Thanks again…Amy


  3. Congratulations on your sweet success already on your new year’s goal. I bet it feels good.I love to grow potatoes and peas and carrots. NOthing like new baby stuff to eat in the fall. We also like everything to make salsa with. Tomotoes, onions, peppers, etc. HAve fun! Looks like you will have a lot of room to grow a lot of stuff.


  4. Hmm.. I love the salsa idea! It would give me more of an aim with what I’m growing. Also LOVE peas, I just find that you need quite a bit of space for peas, but who am I kidding? It’s worth it! Thanks for all the input!


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