A year in photos!

This was a project I completely lifted from Talia’s blog a while back. I was so impressed by the simple design of the photo collages and thought, “I can do that!”. I wanted a simple way to review my year, and since I love working in photoshop, I knew that this was the way to go for me. I made 6X7″ new documents in Photoshop, then dragged and dropped my 2X2 photos onto it, side by side. I filled in the background color to a color selected from one of the photos on the sheet, and added the title in white. Simple! It was so much fun looking through all my old photos and seeing how much has happened, and how we’ve grown (in so many ways). I think this is a tradition I will continue to follow – maybe adding a little pocket between pages for some journaling.

Here are the 12 cards in a larger format so you can see all the photographs. Quite a lot can happen in one year!

8 thoughts on “A year in photos!

  1. Fabulous Idea! ANd not to take away from your fabulous post….but is that a beard that we see Lyndon sportin’ these days??? Cute Nativity outfits the whole family is wearing!


  2. I love this Bobbi-Jo! Makes me glad I can use Photoshop…I am totally going to keep this in mind cause I’d love to make this.Another take on it. It would be fun to do with each kid from birthday to birthday so they can watch themselves grow each year.Glad you lifted this one and shared it with us. Beyond good job…as always.


  3. LOL! No – he isn’t sporting a beard (thank goodness!) He probably jsut hadn’t shaved in a few days. THings have been busy here, so it wouldn’t be out of the question. It also could just be a shadow.


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