A little bit ‘o’ this – a little bit ‘o’ that!

Happy New Year to everyone in blog land! It’s a new year for us in so many ways. It’s been officially a month since the move, and it seems to me like a lifetime! So much has happened, and yet it seems like I haven’t been doing anything really. This last week after Christmas the girls have spent nearly every waking moment playing outside in the backyard. Amazingly the weather has been gorgeous – mostly hovering around the -2 degree celsius to zero mark. My husband built a little sled hill out of snow and some boards and the girls love going down it. They also love pulling each other around the yard in their little red sled. It’s so fun to watch, and very surreal to realize that it’s MY backyard! The kids are safe playing back there (especially since we don’t back onto a street or alley). I LOVE it! Them come in and out as they please (of course, telling me they are going out first) and I don’t need to fret. As you can see by the photos – they LOVE it too 🙂

New years we headed out to our good friends’ place in a tiny town about 20 minutes south of us. It was a casual, fun evening where we made homemade pizzas, played games, watched movies (“Clue” – hysterical!) and of course celebrated the new year rolling it at midnight. I could not BELIEVE my children stayed awake (with the exception of our baby) the entire time! They were FULL of energy. If I could bottle it, I’d be RICH! They had a great time (though not a very quiet one) and we all enjoyed all of the good eats. Yummers! The best part was – my kids actually slept in for a change, and they were too tired today to fight with eachother. In fact, they’ve never gotten along better, or been more well behaved then they were today. Hmm… maybe I’ll let them stay up more often. Um…no. I value my quiet evenings 🙂

I didn’t forget about the blog candy – I’m just trying to figure out a way to let you all download it. I can’t seem to fit the file into a zip file that’s small enough to email, but I’m working on it. I promise I’ll get it up here soon…
Oh, and last but not least – I told several of you I would post the rest of the pics of the house. I’ll indulge you with a photo of my oldest’s girls room – complete with the eye popping bedding that still gives me nightmares – though it seems to keep the giant brontosaur at bay (seriosuly WHAT is that shadow?), my 3 year old’s bunkbed (which is massive and HEAVY!) the baby’s room (couldn’t take a great shot because it had Christmas boxes stacked in one corner, and the tree from the livingroom in the other) and our basement family room. The bedrooms are all massive. I can’t relay how huge they are in these shots. To get an idea – the bright bunkbeds in the first shot is a double on the bottom. There are two closets behind me, as well as a large dresser. And PLEASE – it’s gotta be big to fit a dinosaur in it! My three year old’s room is also the toy room, which is why I haven’t got a shot of the entire room (too messy). Besides the bed you see, there is a 6 foot doll house, a dresser, a 3 drawer toy shelf, a blocks box, a toy chest, etc. that you can’t see. It’s a huge room – one that eventually will house both the youngest girls, at which time the baby’s room will become my craft/guest room! YAY! I think we’ll actually make the switch in April since my daughter’s baptism will be then and we might have some company! The family room I am beginning to love. I bought a nice big round clock to hang behind the TV stand, and I’m going to create a little gallery of frames that will house the girls’ artwork above the sectional sofa. Someday…

I’ll post photos of the basement bathroom, along with the front of the house and a nice backyard shot when I take them! I hope to do it soon. Ciao for now!

4 thoughts on “A little bit ‘o’ this – a little bit ‘o’ that!

  1. You always get the best pictures of your girls. It looks like you guys are loving it out there…that’s great. You’re house is amazing too…I can’t wait to see it in person, next Christmas right? haha.


  2. Moving into a house is great isn’t it! I loved the back yard deal best too when we moved into this house. The kids actually get freedom! Its a wonderful thing for everyone! Happy New Year!!!


  3. Hey you don’t know me but I love your blog and tutorials! And your photography! And your girls are so cute!! I noticed we know some of the same people mandy collins is acutally in my ward and my visiting teacher, and I’m friends with Rebecca Cooper. We also have some of the same sites on our links kind of funny! But I love your style. You are so talented! Just wanted to leave a comment today. Happy New Year too. Oh I wanted to know what photoshop you use I’m getting one and wanted to know if I could learn more from you in getting the right photoshop! Thanks!!


  4. Hi Christal – hope you check back and read this, I wasn’t sure how to get in touch with you 🙂 Thanks for the comment and so nice to “meet” you! II have both Photoshop CS2 and Photoshop Elements 5.0 Depending on what you want to use it for, I would say that Photoshop Elements 5.0 is terrific. CS2 is a hugely expensive program, and I have it mostly to edit photos for my photography (I can create actions with it that I can’t do with Elements). There are few things that CS2 has that Elements doesn’t. I think Elements is a GREAT program to buy, especially if you will just be using it for personal use. I also try to make my tutorials work for Full version PHotoshop AND Elements, if that helps. I think the difference in price between the two is like $500. Hope that helped


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