Love this season!

Here is a short slide show of our pics from Christmas. I took an unusually small number of photos (for me) – I guess I was really into it!
I’ve also been scrapbooking (yes, the old fashioned paper way :P) and here’s what I’ve come up with:

Sorry about the terrible color on these – I took the photos in my basement. 🙂 The colors are much nicer IRL. The two page spread is actually scrapped on a nice tan colored cardstock – not a greeny-yellow one 😀 I was even bold and added some glitter to the one with the butterflies. Yes – I used glitter! LOL!

I had a great, though quiet, Christmas this year. We loved the peace and quiet, but we found that we really did miss the visiting with family and friends. That surprised even me! The kids were happy with their gifts, and we all spent a great day together – just the 6 of us. I even did the whole turkey and mashed potatoes thing, and I LOVED how yummy it was. Here’s a neat trick – lay slices of bacon over your entire turkey (it took one package to cover mine) then stick it in the oven to bake. No BASTING! That’s right – the bacon bastes the turkey! Oh, and rub chili powder over the entire turkey before laying on the bacon. I stuffed the turkey loosely with some chopped apples, onions, garlic, and sage. Then – here is the fun part – brush maple syrup over the turkey during the last half hour of cooking. It was delish! I have to say, though, I’ve got WAY too much turkey left over. I think we ate about 1/4 of the turkey – the kids were so filled up with the treats from their stockings! Sheesh!

Hope you had a great Christmas season with your families! Ciao for now!

7 thoughts on “Love this season!

  1. Hey Bobbi! I do the exact same thing with our turkey. I also use the bacon afterwards. Chop it up and put it in our salad. Kids love it.Use your left over turkey and potatoes and make a shepards pie. Top with cheese. Or cut up the rest of your deboned turkey and freeze it for soups or casseroles over the winter. So easy to go get your frozen bags of turkey when you are in a hurry and need some meat for a dish. Always stays delish!Missed you guys during the Ward Christmas SUnday. It was neat to have SO many YSA ward kids show up to be with their families. I took pics of all of them for the ward history. HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR’S EVE! What will your ward be doing?


  2. Love these layouts, I really like the first one just because I love the title.Wow! your turkey sounded amazing – maybe I’ll try it – someday – not anytime soon though!!!!Glad you all had a great Xmas.The slide show works – you just have to wait for a wee bit.Happy New Years!


  3. hi, i really loved your photography with your phamily, everybody loved photography and photoshop seperately, but you have mixed them both, tats awesome and your kids so cute…


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