My Man!

I was tagged by Mandy, so I’ll go ahead and tell you about my MAN!

What is your Husbands name: Lyndon. I LOVE his name!

How long have you been married: 9 1/2 amazing years

How long did you date before you were married: I didn’t know we were even DATING until he proposed. I guess it was about a month and a half before being engaged, and another 3 months until we were married.

Who eats more: Lyndon does. But I LOOK like I do 😛

Who said I love you first: Lyndon ( I didn’t know we were dating, remember? But I QUICKLY returned the sentiment. I KNEW I loved him, just hadn’t said it)

Who is taller: Lyndon

Who sings better: I think we’re equal in that department

Who is smarter: I have a higher IQ, but I think he is more sensible than me.

Who does the laundry: Me, but Lyndon helps (puhleeease let ME fold those towels, Lyndon!)

Who does the dishes: We both do – thankfully Lyndon is a guy who realizes it’s his responsibility too. One of the many reasons I LOVE this man!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Lyndon

Who pays the bills: Lyndon. I used to but discovered I didn’t enjoy it 🙂

Who drives when you’re together: Lyndon – I hate driving!

Who is more stubborn: I am! No, Lyndon is! No I am! Okay, we are equally stubborn. Good thing we see eye to eye on most everything.

Who proposed: Lyndon did – refer to previous questions.

Who is more sensitive: Me, Me, Me…wahhhh!

Who has more friends: Me – I think people are afraid of Lyndon. Tee hee hee. When he’s not smiling, his face looks like he’s scowling. I hear people tell me all the time how angry he looks, and I just laugh because he’s really a goofball!

Who wears the pants in the family: Lyndon – I mean, he isn’t known for wearing skirts. We are equal partners (he respects my opinion), but when it comes down to it, I respect him as the patriarch of the home.

Where did you meet your husband: Through Church when we were teenagers. I always had a crush on him. I think he first noticed me when working at the mall, though.

Where was your first Date: He took me to play pool at the Institute building (kicked my butt, too) then took me to see the movie “The Apostle”. It was horrible, but we still saw each other so the company must have been good.

Where was your first kiss: In front of my back door after a YSA dance.

Where did you get engaged: On a hill overlooking the mall where fireworks were going off. VERY romantic.

Where did you get married: Cardston, Alberta Temple

Where was your honeymoon: I’m still on it!
I tag: Joanne and Michelle!

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