Snow Day!

// We bought a new video camera before leaving Alberta (as a way to keep in touch with family and friends) and so far the only thing I’ve had time to capture was these clips of my kids playing in their snowy backyard. I know it’s not uber exciting, but it was really a test to see if I could even figure out how to get the video from camera to computer 😉 We didn’t buy a fancy DVD or digital camcorder, just a mini DV, but at least I can connect it to the computer and come up with something. This is it for now, and I’ll work on making the future videos a little more interesting, I promise 🙂 Your indulgence is appreciated 😀

Oh, and notice how my husband shows the fabulously cluttered deck that I was trying to be careful NOT to show in my video – nice. Well, I guess I have nothing to hide – our deck is clutter-free now (almost 2 weeks after moving in, but still). I will definitely try to get some shots of my nice and CLEAN backyard soon. For now – I love you all and wish you a very, very merry Christmas with lots of snow and lots of love!

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