My Scrap Space

This is it so far. I’ve set up my scrap space in our basement just off of the rec room. In the near future, I’ll be moving it upstairs when my youngest is old enough to share a room with her big sister (probably in about a year). The room upstairs will be turned into my scrap room/ guest room. I’ve got a vision, folks! Anyway, for now this is where I’ll be creating. My favorite find (though I’m sure it would be obvious to most) was my 12X12 paper storage solution. I simply bought some inexpensive legal size hanging file holders and voila! Now I’ve got storage for my 12X12 patterned papers, cardstock, and 12X12 embellishments/stickers. I’ve organized all of my papers by color (cardstock separately) so now when I create a page, finding what I need is easy. I also kept the co-ordinating paper sets together to make it even easier. You wouldn’t believe how stressed I was making myself about finding some way to store my 12X12 papers! Sheesh! Anway – problem solved!
I also like my baskets (bought at Canadian Tire for $7 for the set) which hold all of my stamps (foam and acrylic). I hung up the 12X12 clipboard on the wall above the desk so I can display my latest pages, and my hubby found a great little magazine rack at Staples that he attached to the cold room door to hold my magazines (before I tear them apart and file them in my nifty idea binder).
I have some shelves above the desk that were left here by the previous owners, which hold my stamp baskets, my neat little mailbox photo holder and my smaller albums. The desk I’ll be working on was a computer desk (I guess) and I’m keeping my paper trimmer and cutting mat in the slide out drawer so it’s handy, but still out of the way when I’m working on a page. My sewing maching is sitting on the little shelf beneath the desk (also at hand) and the ever important computer desk kiddy corner to me. I’m so excited to start getting creative again! If only I could somehow forget about the work that still needs to be done around here…

4 thoughts on “My Scrap Space

  1. Fabulous! I am having some coveting issues right now! Just kidding, but it looks great, and I love the idea for the paper storage. I always have a hard time figuring out how to store my paper.


  2. yeah when we move, you’re unpacking me. Pictures up and craft space done. I’m impressed!We’ve been is some places where some boxes never did get unpacked before the next move. I believe they went to value village, obviously we could live without what was in those boxes 😀


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