Kitchen and a tree!

Here are a couple of pics of the kitchen, dining area, and our Christmas tree! We just put this up yesterday as a family – though usually we get to it a bit earlier than we did this year (ha ha ha). I bought some fun velvety ribbon with wiring to curl and hang on the tree, which I love. We got this tree for free years back – it was at the ten cent sale, and STILL no one wanted it, but we gave it a nice home. The girls actually put on the decorations, including the dollar store pointsettias. Later I found an entire box of silver and red ball ornaments, but I think I like it how it is without them. I can’t wait to put up our garland tonight, and to try the yummy minty hot chocolate I saw on Heather D. White’s website, who found it HERE I can’t WAIT to do this for our Family Home Evening tonight.

Anyway – I’ll try to post some pics of the three other bedrooms, the craft room, the rec room, and the second bathroom soon. I’m working on the finishing touches right now – just finished unpacking the rest of our food storage and getting it in the cold room last night, so that eliminates the rest of the boxes. Today it’s time to vaccum and straighten. It’s tiring, but the end is so close in sight that I just can’t stop! I also fear that if I slow down too much I’ll start to think about how far I am from all my loved ones and I’ll lose it 🙂

5 thoughts on “Kitchen and a tree!

  1. I LOVE your kitchen! It’s amazing! I bet you’ll have some wonderful times in there. You’re tree looks beautiful too. What a great idea to hang the ribbon down like that and not around the tree.


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