Shane Lewis

I dropped by one of my favorite blogs “S.T. Lewis” and this is what I saw:

“Thanksgiving is just one week away, making the coming week the most dangerous week of the year for turkeys… unless you’re a Canadian turkey, in which case the most dangerous week of the year has already passed, and this is your sixth week of mourning. But if you’re an American turkey, look out.
Most of you are doomed.I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t eat turkey if turkeys were cute or if they tasted bad, but ugly and delicious? There’s nothing safe about that combination. There’s lots of stuff to be thankful for on Thanksgiving… family, health, paid vacation days, football, Christmas, etc. But mostly I’m thankful I’m not a turkey.”
Have you been to his blog? I think it’s worth a trip at least once a week. He’s a storyboard artist for Avalanche Software. They make video games for Disney, and his drawings are not only icredible but, when combined with his humor, are hilarious! I can’t add anything to this. Just go check him out – then add him to your favorites and visit again and again!

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