Digital Template Shoppe!

Hi everyone! Well, today was going to be to the official launch of the new “Digital Template Shoppe” of which I am on the design team. Due to some technical difficulties, the launch will be delayed until Jan. 15th – however, thankfully you will be able to purchase the templates by visiting “Creativity By Crystal” and following the links to her etsy shoppe that is temporarily set up HERE .

When you visit Crystal’s site you’ll be able to see the samples I made with one of the template packs. Just go to the left hand side of the website and click on the 12X12 samples. You’ll see all of the samples down the left hand side of the screen. Mine are obviously the ones with “Bobbi” next to them 🙂
I can’t say enough about using templates! It really takes the guess work out, while still allowing yourself to be creative. I also have to say that her prices are CHEAP! Go check it out, and if you have questions on how to use the templates, email me (or leave a comment), though I know that she explains it well when you get your package. There is no shipping as it’s all downloadable files. She offers 12X12, 81/2 X 11, and 5X7 templates – so everyone will find something they like. I love the 5X7 idea for brag books or even to display in a frame. How fun! Anyhoo – I’m off to check it out myself! Oh, and here’s one I threw together in about 10 minutes using one of her 8.5X11 templates:

Before I go – I have to share these photos of my nephew’s halloween costume. Can you guess what HE went as? Here’s a hint..”Oompa, Loompa, Doompity Doo….I’ve got another puzzle for you….” My sister put together this costume. Isn’t she fabulous?!?!?

And just one more teaser – I’ve been working on a tutorial for a blog header – so stay tuned!

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