It’s fun and games until…

..someone chips their tooth!

Yeah, poor BB. She just can’t seem to go a day without disaster striking 🙂 Halloween, it was the scissors to her hair incident, before that it was a dislocated elbow (twice), now she’s chipped her front tooth! (oh, and she banged her head last night). The one consolation is that it’s a baby tooth, and won’t be sticking around too long. *sigh* Is it the age, or the girl? I don’t remember my older two being so accident prone! Funny thing is – she’s our happiest, most content, child! That is, until I hear the inevitable shrieks of pain that follow the even more inevitable silent periods (you know the ones – the ones where she is getting her little 3 year old self into trouble). I guess it just wouldn’t be fair to have a completely happy, quiet, safe,obedient, STILL 3 year old. Where would be the fun in that??

Wait – I don’t hear anything……. gotta go!

3 thoughts on “It’s fun and games until…

  1. Melany chipped her tooth while monkeying around on her bunk bed with Megan when she was about 13. For her, it was an adult tooth. But on the other hand, Megan is normally the one who was and still is accident prone in our family. I guess a chipped tooth isn’t the worse thing that could happen…lol


  2. well it’s better than how I got my chipped tooth, (it is still chipped to this day). Blaine punched me in the face, and I do believe I punched him right back. We are such a loving family 😀


  3. Hee hee, Jaiden has a chipped front tooth too! I have no idea how it happened, the dentist asked me last time, I said I dunno, no complaint from him, he’s had it forever! The dentist said just keep an eye on it that it doesn’t discolor or hurt or anything like that, I also chipped my tooth a few weeks back on Beef Jerkey of all things, it only hurt for a second!


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