~Five on Friday~

1. I’m cleaning the house today. Not for a showing, just for me. It’s amazing that it actually makes a difference. I’m enjoying myself 🙂

2. The weather is getting colder. I hate the cold. I really hate the cold. I’m a wimp, I know, but still I find it so uncomfortable when I’ve got a chill. On the other hand, cold weather means I can dress in layers. I DO like layers 🙂

3. B is home sick today. Sick from actually being sick, or sick from eating too much candy? I have been limiting their candy to 2 a day, so I’m sure it’s not that. Should I just let them gorge themselve for a couple of days and get it over with? Or mete out their candy a couple a day until most of it has to be thrown out in a couple of weeks? Oh the conundrum! On that note – I’m going candy free! I had some yesterday and felt rotten – so now it’s candy free, baby! I’ll let myself have a peice on Saturdays, but that’s it. I’m done with the nasty sugar.

4. I started listening to Christmas music yesterday – it was that new Josh Groban “Noel” cd (actually, i got off iTunes – cheaper~!) and it was good. I really like Christmas music. So uplifting! No – I don’t have any decorations up (limits, people) besides, they are all packed!

5. I really want to get moved – not so much because I can’t stand living here, and not so much that I’m excited to get out to Saskatchewan, but mostly so I can answer the ever popular questions “So, have you sold the house yet? When are you moving?” *sigh* I WISH I could answer, but I can’t. Don’t worry – you’ll all know as soon as I do. You won’t be left in the dark. Not being able to answer what I will be doing in my very near future is very unnerving. I’m trying to have faith, but I’m realizing every day that passes how weak my faith is. I have faith – that much I know – it’s just not at it’s strongest right now. I guess it also varies depending on the day I’m having 😀 There are some days where I am completely firm in my faith and excited about what is ahead. Then there are days where I am feeling completely in the dark and it scares me. I need to find some consistency! I do know that things will work out for good, and they will work out in the Lord’s time. I just wish I were more patient 🙂

And for good measure – here is another digital page! It was not a color scheme I would have come up with on my own, but I was inspired by a challenge at SIS this week. She found a pair of socks and challenged us to do a page using that color scheme. It was a challenge for me, definitely, but I ended up loving it!

4 thoughts on “~Five on Friday~

  1. Hope Bre is feeling better soon! It sure is going around. Just got back from the clinic with the youngest two. The clinic was FULL of sick kids in the waiting room. : (


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