Some pooped pirates!

I am a bad halloween mother! I didn’t take photos of all of the girls this year 😦 I only managed a photo of BB in her costume – and B about 4 days ago in her costume. T had the exact same pirate costume as the other two, and JJ was dressed as Mini mouse. Sheesh! I can’t believe I didn’t get any photos of JJ’s first real Halloween! Doom on me! Anyway – you get the idea, right? Oh, and I also drew on some pirate moustaches and some stitches on their forehead or cheeks.

I was so impressed that the weather was nice enough for them to actually HAVE a costume while trick or treating. I just put on their warm jackets, then put their vests and sashes over top. They were comfy cozy! Though I have to shake my head at those parents who brought their little girls out wearing nothing but a skimpy princess dress. Brrrrr! It wasn’t THAT warm!

The girls went out trick or treating about 6:15pm or so, and lasted until about 7:00pm. (I took out the older girls for another half hour after that – they were still rarin’ to go!). I actually enjoyed myself! Watching the glee on my girls’ faces brought back a lot of memories of my trick or treating days 🙂 Their eyes would light up at each and every house as some candy was placed in their bags. It NEVER got old! They would giggle and jump up and down, the “thank you’s” coming out like laughter as they looked for the next house with a light on. So fun! I think the only reason BB made it is because she had a little nap beforehand. She was a pooped little pirate!

My day was a great one all around! It wasn’t even marred by the fact that BB took some scissors to her hair while I was busy helping my brother put a biker moustache on his face. Thankfully, it’s not toooo noticeable. I’ll just have to add some layers to the rest of her ‘do *eyeroll*. I have to admit that I was impressed with how cool I remained. I told her to absolutely NEVER do that a again (I know she got the hint) and calmly cleaned up the pile of hair. I sent her downstairs to get ready to drop the kids at school, and that was the end of it. I didn’t spank her, I didn’t even give her a time out. Maybe I wasn’t hard enough on her, I don’t know, but I do believe she will not do it again – I don’t believe she did it to be deliberately disobedient (she was just trying to do her own hair) and she’s only 3. I need to remember what exactly is an acceptable expectation for a three year old 🙂 Either way – Lesson learned, and I didn’t ruin her day, or mine!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween. And I can only hope that next year will be as warm as this year was 🙂

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