Me summed up in FOURS

My four favorite naughty foods are:
1. Mrs. Vicky’s Sea Salt and vinegar chips
2. Cadbury’s fruit and nut chocoalte bars
3. Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream
4. Chinese Food

My Four favorite movies are:

1. Phantom of the Opera
2. Lord of the Rings (trilogy)
3. Indiana Jones (trilogy)
4. Nacho Libre
*disclaimer* – I reeeeeally love movies, so I can’t really narrow it down to my top 4, but this came close 🙂

My Four Favorite things to say:
1. “True ‘dat!” (only to my hubby – he hates it! he he he…)
2. “Um….yeah” (sometimes subsituted with “Um….ooookay”)
3. “I love you”
4. “Thank you” – especially when said after receiving large gift.

My Four favorite tv shows:
1. Dancing With The Stars – I used to dance, and I really live vicariously through this show
2. Criminal Minds – Sooooo good!
3. Corner Gas (he he he)
4. Ugly Betty

Four Jobs I’ve had:

1. Gas Jockey (Shell)
2. Paralegal (Real Estate Law)
3. Nanny
4. Photographer (my fav!)

Four Favorite Scrapbooking colors:
1. Black
2. Teal
3. Lime green
4. Fuschia

Four places I would love to visit:

1. Africa – on a safari
2. China – the rural countryside
3. Jerusalem (but probably never will)
4. South America (to visit the Mayan Ruins)

Four names I like, but never named my children:
1. Brady – my all time favorite boy name!
2. Belle
3. Brock
4. Ciara (just to break away from the “B” names)

Four Biggest fears:
1. Losing Lyndon
2. Dying before I see my girls raised to womanhood
3. Highway driving at night (in the rain is even worse)
4. Failing as a mother

There – I think I’ve let you in enough 🙂 Oh – and i actually did a page on the subject of what I’m afraid of. It was an interesting subject to sit down and think about. It was eye opening! I also tried something new with a page of Baylie dancing. Let me know what you think!

Now, I’m gonna tag Mandy and Jenn!

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