~Another tradition honored~

We had our annual carve the pumpkin night. Yippee! I wonder who ever thought of cutting open a pumpkin, scooping out all of the gook, then carving scary faces into the side? Hmmm.. GREAT idea! Or at least it would be if I had the right TOOLS. I seem to have packed mine (along with almost everything else in my life) so I had to make do with some steak knives and a nail!

We tried something different this year – cutting the hole in the BOTTOM of the pumpkin! WHY did I not think of this before? Why bother with trying to fit the lid back on, when you can simply cut a hole in the bottom, then stick the whole thing overtop a LIT candle. No more burning yourself trying lit the silly little candle! Ha! Fabulous! Oh, and another trick, when using a template. After you poke the holes along the pattern and remove the paper – sprinkle flour over the -pumpkin, then wipe away. The flour fills the holes and makes them SO much easier to see. Smart, smart, smart! And one more thing – if you don’t want the cuts to wilt and curl in, just rub some vaseline on the edges for them to stay moist and firm.

I decided on carving a little owl this year – not so much spooky as CUTE 🙂 It was a bit of work, but I think it turned out so sweet. The girls helped with the scooping and gooping, then they played in the livingroom, dancing and playing “halloween party”. We only had one or two minor meltdowns before bedtime.

Oh yeah – and check out my fancy FHE treat! Store bought all the way, baby!

Anyhoo, here is the finished product:

2 thoughts on “~Another tradition honored~

  1. Wow! Looks great & awesome tips.Billy carved pumpkins with the kid’s on Sunday afternoon and we are not that creative! We let the kid’s draw what they wanted on their pumpkins, than Billy cut the top off & than they scooped the “poop” out & than Billy carved away their designs!


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