Horses! Yee haw!

I had a photo shoot with a coworker of my husband’s on Saturday. She owns a horse named Anna, and she was looking for some shots of her, and of her with her horse. That was a first for me! I’ll share some of those photos later. The girls all came along and Rebecca was nice enough to offer them all a ride. Anna is such a nice horse (better behaved than most children -ha!) and the girls had a blast riding on her. JJ was the only one who missed out,, but she made up for it later, when she rode on top of a toy barn at Grandma’s house. She looked like she was having as much fun as the girls did 😉

I sure hope Rebecca gets what she was looking for. I’m in the middle of editing the photos, so I’ll post a few when I’m through processing them. Like I said, a new experience photographing a horse. I looked up some information online before the shoot – and there is a lot to know! For example – the best shots are when the horses ears are facing forward, otherwise they look more like mules. Also, the shots with their first leg lifted up in the air are the best for suggesting movement – and you want to use a telephoto lens for close-ups, which draw their face etc. back in farther and make them look more proportionate. I had to think a lot as I was working – trying to remember every hint and trick. I only hope I did a good job 🙂

On another note – T was showing me some Yoga positions she must have learned at school (or on the dreaded TV). She asked me what kind of exercise she was doing. I told her it was Yoga. She asks “What does YOGA mean?” I sat quietly for a moment then said “Hmm.. I’m not sure” Without missing a beat she says (in all seriousness) “It must mean hurting positions – like this position hurts, this position hurts…” Ha! I think you’re right, T 🙂

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