My little pirate!

Actually, I’ve got three little pirates at my house. We were invited to the Taylor’s birthday party, which had a pirate theme. Well, I’ve got four girls – usually not too many pirate costumes lying around my house 🙂 I ran out to Value Village and picked up a large piece of red cloth, three brown t-shirts, and 3 pirate hats (oh, and a cute winter jacket for my oldest for 6 bucks! YES!) I basically cut off the T-shirt sleeve, sliced down the front, cut strips around the bottom and voila! A pritate vest! I cut the fabric into wide strips and voila! A pirate sash! After that we just added some white button up shirts, black pants, and their pirate hats – and voila! pirates! Well, I am going to add an eye patch and maybe draw some stitches on their cheek, but you get the idea. For less than $25 we got 3 halloween costumes, one new shirt, and a new winter jacket! LOVE le village!

The party ended up being cancelled because the entire Taylor family became sick 😦 The kids were of course disappointed, so B was the only one who would pose for me. She wouldn’t move from where she was, she just turned around and made these faces, so it’s hard to see the costume in all it’s piratey splendor. Hey, at least I’ve got their halloween costumes ready!

On another note – BB dislocated her elbow again yesterday 😦 Not sure how it happened, though the kids playing rough had something to do with it. Lyndon spent four hours in the hospital for a doctor to pop it back in in 5 seconds. (I’ve got to learn how to do that!). I’ve been trying to be extra careful since the last time it happened (like back in February, I think??), but at least I didn’t do it this time 😛 She’s all better now – smiles and all. Even giggling about the great popsicle and sticker they gave her at the hospital. Kids!

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