It’s Just Me

This page was stepping out of my comfort zone (i’m not usually so…collagey) but for some reason it really reflects my life right now – crazy and beautiful. I’m going through so many life changes, and it’s like I can’t make sense of it all, yet it all kind of makes up one big picture. Anyway, I’ve got many faces, and in the end, my life will be my masterpeice. At least, that’s the goal. Somedays I make so many mistakes I wonder if I’ll ever get back on track. Other days I feel so complete, happy, and hopeful for a bright future. It’s astonishing how easy I can slip into one kind of day then into the other. Everything feels so up in the air lately it’s so hard to keep focused on any one thing. I feel like I know the Lord’s will for me, but when one door after another seems to close it’s easy for me to wonder if I’m way off, and if things will ever make sense again. I have to believe that it will. I just need some clarity. Usually that means spending much more time on my knees. Things always look a little clearer down there 🙂

I used the “Tristan’s Treasures” kit from DigiChicks and Adobe Photoshop CS2

2 thoughts on “It’s Just Me

  1. Hey, don’t lose hope! Your strength and testimony shared through your blog are a wonderful example to me, so I know the Lord has a plan. Just hang in there! Here’s hoping things fall into place soon!


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