Drowning in Photos!

The first shoot I did was on Friday evening with a hilarious family – The Livingstones. No, not Joanne, but close – her brother in law and family. It was a quick half hour deal, but they were so fun. The sun was setting quickly so we had to try as many things as we could in little time. They were up for anything! I love it when that happens 🙂

Then on Saturday I did another shoot with the Pouwers (my sis-in-law) so we could get some shots of her other son AND her new ‘do! It was bright and sunshiny (which isn’t my favorite conditions for photography), but we found some shade and got some nice shots. She’s got two active boys, which makes it more challenging to get the shots, but her oldest was more than willing to pose for me. He was like a little GAP model. I also love photographing my sister-in-law. She is so beautiful – gorgeous fair skin and dark hair – such a nice combination! Always a pleasure to get you in front of the camera, Jules!

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